Hayden Christensen in “Forever Knight”

“Forever Knight” was a syndicated Canadian-produced series that attracted a decent-sized fandom back in the ’90s. It was about a crime-fighting vampire detective who was always more than happy to work nights to make up for the centuries of slaughter he committed.

In one episode a very young Hayden Christensen, in a cheesy mullet wig, shows up in a flashback sequence:


4 Responses to “Hayden Christensen in “Forever Knight””

  1. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Oh my Lord!

  2. peacetrainjedi Says:

    I don’t even…

  3. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    I remember this show! First “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”, now this!

  4. Kate Says:

    I MOST appreciate the Star Wars Prequels…it’s ALL about Hayden Christensen as far as I am concerned!!! He is one amazing actor!!!

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