Ashley Eckstein In “Prey For Rock & Roll”

Before she was Ahsoka Tano, the former Ashley Drane appeared in a low budget flick from 2003 called “Prey For Rock & Roll,” starring Gina Gershon. It’s a gritty, sweaty, punky tale of some chicks in a rock band. It’s got smoking, drinking, tattoos, and of course, lesbian love scenes. Ashley’s role was “Punk Rock Girl” and if you suffer through this whole trailer, you’ll see her at the end saying, “Rock awwwn!”

Rock on, Ashley! Rock onnnn!!


2 Responses to “Ashley Eckstein In “Prey For Rock & Roll””

  1. Eddie Says:

    hahahaha! That’s hilarious, that movie would’ve ticked off every box on my 14 year-old self’s checklist. It seems like that trailer was targeted at video store owners; I can just picture some clammy middle-aged dude with a cigar clenched in his teeth frantically calling up his Lionsgate sales rep and ordering a dozen in each format–“arright, arright, ya sold ME!”. I wonder how much Ashley’s in the movie beyond her “RAWWWWK AWWWWN!”, but it doesn’t look like it’s streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime…Maybe she could revisit her character in one of Hayden’s microbudget Russian mob-financed movies?

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