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November 26, 2014

lazypadawan’s Holocron has had a soft opening since last summer but I’ve been posting there more. The link is also under Blogroll. The old “Holocron” link to over at LiveJournal is now retitled “lazypadawan’s LiveJournal.”

In case you haven’t heard yet, the TFA trailer will be up on Friday on iTunes Trailers.

Updates On AOTC 3D & ROTS 3D

November 24, 2014

Jason Ward at Making Star got to check out AOTC in 3D over the weekend and posted some video of Dennis Muren introducing the film.

Ward also tweeted today that Muren mentioned ROTS’s conversion to 3D had been completed, they made Anakin’s red Sith eyes extra creepy, and he thinks that sometime after TFA comes out, we’ll see it. Personally I’m a bit more skeptical that we’ll see it any time soon after TFA’s release, with a full slate of new material Disney will want us to see first.

Flashback Friday: Moviefone Unscripted Interview 2005

November 21, 2014

Prior to ROTS’s release in 2005, Moviefone posted this interesting and amusing interview/conversation between Hayden Christensen and George Lucas. I have to admit, my favorite part is when they talk about Vader’s underwear.

Marvel’s Look Back At TPM

November 20, 2014

Now that Marvel is the official comics publisher of all things Star Wars, it’s taking a look back at the existing movie saga, starting off with TPM.

ROTS Is The Best Star Wars Movie To Date: A Commentary

November 19, 2014

I don’t have a favorite Star Wars movie. Each one is unique and adds so much to the saga, it’s hard for me 37 years out to imagine any one of them without the others. There are things to love about each movie and there are favorite things about Star Wars that are scattered across the existing films.

But as I often say, “favorite” and “best” are two different things. Sure you can cite something as your favorite because in your opinion it’s the best, however they aren’t synonymous. Between Anthony Daniels’s cryptic Tweet from a couple of weeks ago that TFA might exceed TESB as the “best Star Wars film” and someone on my Facebook feed expressing the opinion ROTS had the best opening of the series, I started to feel it was time to finally cite what I think is artistically the best of the series to date.

It’s a realization that crept on me for the past decade. I’d never been a member of the “TESB is the best” club. Even when there were just three Star Wars films, I’d leaned more toward ANH’s deathless charm and revolutionary cinema (so much so its taken for granted today, much like “Casablanca” or “Gone With The Wind”) and I thought ROTJ did some things even better than TESB. With the prequels, there was an audacity and grandeur not seen before in the saga, though you did have to wait until the conclusion for it all to fully pay off.

And what a payoff it was. ROTS isn’t always the easiest movie to watch, especially after you’ve invested six years into these characters and came to love them. It’s even tougher taking The Clone Wars into account. But in that film, I really felt Lucas saved his best for his last. He took the saga to territory it had never crossed, not compromising what he felt was necessary to tell the story, neither flinching nor becoming gratuitous in its darkest moments. While ROTS has its share of action, adventure, and pulpy/comic bookish moments as the other films do, it also has many amazing, dramatic scenes that still make me go, “Wow.” I think the scene at the opera house between Anakin and Palpatine is the single best scene in the whole series and all it consists of is the two of them talking. The second best scene in the whole saga is the “ruminations” scene with Anakin and Padmé. From a pure filmmaking perspective, it’s brilliant. So is the Order 66 montage, which owes heavily to Lucas’s mentor Francis Ford Coppola as well as to Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein.

I thought it was a great decision to cut between the Anakin/Obi-Wan duel and the duel between the most powerful of each side, Yoda and Sidious. The stakes are never higher and I have to agree with Camille Paglia, I can’t remember a more passionate, emotional scene involving two men (Anakin and Obi-Wan, that is). The denouement is as close to perfect as it gets artistically. It was genius to cut between Padmé’s final moments/the birth of the twins and Darth Vader’s torturous installation in his suit. Vader’s cri-de-coeur at hearing the news of Padmé’s death got to me; it resonates depending on how you invested in what’s happening, as is the case with all of the movies. The final montage of the film brilliantly concludes the fates of the Skywalker clan: Padmé’s funeral, Darth Vader gazing at the under-construction Death Star, Leia’s arrival on Alderaan, and Obi-Wan bringing Luke to the Lars homestead. ROTS not only wraps up the prequel trilogy, it also brilliantly establishes what’s to come next in Eps IV-VI.

On top of it all, the film is beautiful to look at and John Williams’s score hits all of the right notes (ha ha).

Watching ROTS is like watching the best Olympic skater alive not only do a gold medal winning, perfect 10 program but also the best program of her career, all for kicking it up a higher notch than usual.

Is There A Mace Movie On The Way?

November 17, 2014

Making Star posted a screen cap of a Reddit AMA session with director A.J. Edwards. Someone had asked about rumors he may direct a spinoff movie and his reply was “talking about it, not able to say a lot yet” and then he posted, “It will focus on Mace Windu.”

Kind of a strange, unexpected answer, no? The question is, was he kidding or will we see the further adventures of the baddest mofo on the Council?

Kyle Newman On “The Comlink”

November 14, 2014

Kyle Newman appeared as a guest on The Comlink this past week, where he got to talk about all things Star Wars. This is the extended 45-minute interview.

Flashback Friday: ROTS Title Revealed In…1999?

November 14, 2014

When “The Force Awakens” was revealed as Episode VII’s title last week, it was noted that a psychic fan had predicted it would be the title way back in 2012.

The staff of the Star Wars Insider though went even better. They predicted the eventual title of Episode III five years before it was revealed! Behold Insider #43 from 1999, one of two different “collectible” covers. Of course Lucas could’ve just taken a look at the cover and thought, “Hey, I should use that!” But that’s still pretty darn cool.

Ask SWPAS 11/13/14

November 13, 2014

From jarjarbacktattooguy

How likely do you think it is that Mortis and the legacy and mystery of The Ones will figure into The Force Awakens?

Would you consider making posts or a new page dedicated to other underappreciated Lucas films?

How about:

The Willow Appreciation Society

The Captain Eo Appreciation Society

The Maniac Mansion (TV series) Appreciation Society

The Land Before Time Appreciation Society

What, no Tucker Appreciation Society?? I only have 24 hours in a day and not much to spare aside from Star Wars.

As for your question on Mortis and TFA, I’ll be shocked (in a good way) if it figures into the film. I don’t know if they’ll go there with the kind of people working on the film. Lucas definitely would though.

From BansheeGun

Question: Where were you when you heard the news of The Clone Wars’ cancellation and what was your immediate reaction?

Also: What sites do you consider “Pro-Prequel” vs. the “Anti-Prequel”?

I was on the internet and I’d been hearing from other sources the cancellation was coming days before it was announced. Rebel Force Radio was the first to warn people Disney suits wanted to ax the show and like many fans, I didn’t really believe it at first but then I heard from Bryan Young that the rumor was true. I tried to rally the troops here to write in ASAP to convince Disney to change its mind but obviously the cake was already baked. As you might imagine, I was furious but less so with Disney than with the fan base that was at least at first taking it lying down.

The blogroll sites are pretty pro-PT, which is why they are linked. As far as news sites go, I think Coffee With Kenobi, Making Star, and Furious Fanboys are varying degrees of PT friendly. TFN’s editorial isn’t anti-PT anymore but there are yucky bashers who are all over the Disqus comments. I have mixed feelings about Jedi News in terms of tone/content, but it’s not anti-PT overall.

From peacetrainjedi:

Do you think there’s a possibility that George Lucas might once again write (or direct) a Star Wars or Indiana Jones film even though he’s sold the company and has supposedly retired from blockbuster film-making?

Besides Anakin/Vader, is there any villain from the Star Wars saga that you sympathize with (or secretly root for) when watching the films?

It may not be likely but as long as Lucas is living and breathing, it’s always a possibility. Seeing other people in his sandbox might make him itchy to come back.

I’d have to say I kinda like Jango Fett. He’s ruthless, cunning, and has no problem with whacking someone yet there’s this part of him that wants somebody he could love and would love him back.

And now a spoilerific Ep. 7 question from Daniel Xie:

Read the rest of this entry »

Who’s Who of the Jedi Council

November 13, 2014 has an article up on the makeup of the Jedi Council throughout the PT and the Clone Wars. Keep your masters sorted out with this handy guide!


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