More Interesting History

December 19, 2014

Marvel has wrapped up its look back at the prequel trilogy with The History Of Revenge Of The Sith.

Meanwhile, posted a history of the first day of filming for the prequel trilogy.

The Plot Thickens

December 19, 2014

A Salina Nguyen noticed an interesting response on Instagram to Matt Lanter’s post about recording as Anakin yesterday:

So, was James Arnold Taylor recording some Obi-Wan dialogue?

And what was Ashley Eckstein doing poking around Lucasfilm yesterday? Sure it might be Her Universe business stuff…but maybe it wasn’t.

Curiouser And Curiouser

December 18, 2014

Earlier this evening, Matt Lanter posted this on Twitter:

He posted this photo on Instagram and on Facebook to go with it.

So what is it? More Clone Wars? Anakin appearing on “Rebels??” In any case, it’s great news!

Throwback Thursday: What Were You Doing May 19, 1998?

December 18, 2014

So some people are posting selfies on Twitter today to mark the 365 day mark before TFA is released. I posted a photo taken at an office lunch today with my hair blockading most of my face. Like I’m going public now, heh heh.

But it got me to thinking…does anyone remember what they were doing one year to the day before the prequel trilogy got off of the ground? I don’t recall what exactly I was doing on that day, but at the time I was on the law firm temp circuit, working several months at some white shoe firm in Washington, D.C.. How white shoe was it? One of Mia Farrow’s sons worked there as an associate, the name partners were counsel to presidents and one had even been on the SALT treaty negotiation team, the weekly partner meetings had fully catered fancy lunches complete with champagne (you could take home the leftovers), pricey original artwork decorated the hallways, and the Christmas party was more extravagant than most weddings and bar mitzvahs I’ve been to: open bar, ice sculptures, a live band, and a “raffle” with a grand prize trip to Europe. Where I was toiling away was a little less glamorous, hidden away from the world but that was okay, since I could listen to the radio or my disc player without bothering anyone.

The last episode of “Seinfeld” had just aired a few days beforehand and “The X-Files” was my other big t.v. obsession. My favorite radio station was WHFS, which was the only way you could escape hearing “My Heart Will Go On” 500 times a day since “Titanic” mania was still in full swing. I’d just been to the short-lived Virginia Renaissance Faire near Fredericksburg and was looking forward to the small, regional cons that were held in the spring and summer. I was still an ardent collector though at that time it was just Eps IV-VI stuff.

I kept up with a lot of news surrounding what was going on with TPM both online and in entertainment mags but without reading the spoilers. At times the movie seemed a hundred years away but shortly thereafter, the Insider and the official site started posting more images from the film. The title announcement was still four months away and the first trailer six months away.

Great Scenes of the Prequel Trilogy: “You Are So Beautiful”

December 17, 2014


Sure this scene gets some stick from some quarters, but I don’t care! I love this scene not just because I’m an unapologetic Anakin/Padmé fan, but also because I say it’s one of the most poignant scenes in the entire film. Maybe even the saga.

Why? It’s the last happy scene between the two of them. Every following scene with Anakin and Padmé is filled with conflict, angst, or sorrow. This is the last time they will simply enjoy being together and in love after a long separation.

It is also poignant because Padmé speaks about a future for their bab(ies) that we know will never happen. Maybe I’m nuts but the first time I saw the movie I thought, “Aw, Luke and Leia were supposed to grow up on Naboo.” Alas the twins were cheated, especially poor Luke.

Underscoring this poignant moment is John Williams’s string score.

The Coruscant cinematography is gorgeous. Everything is in shades of blue, contrasted against the lights of the Coruscant nightline. It emphasizes the hidden nature of Anakin and Padmé’s relationship yet here they are, not making much of an effort to keep it a secret anymore either. They’re both standing around on a balcony where anyone whizzing by can see them. This is also the first scene of the film where we can see Padme’s baby bump. Good thing the galaxy far, far away doesn’t have Earth’s paparazzi!

I always say that I’d pay Hayden to look at me for 10 seconds the way he looks at Padmé in this scene. It’s kind of adorable how she could still make Anakin awkward and at a loss for words even if he is the hero of the galaxy. I know people have complained about how Natalie wasn’t lit well during this scene but to me it just looks like she doesn’t have makeup on. In any case, Padmé is touched that even though she’s lugging a big tummy and apparently isn’t at her 100% most luminous, Anakin still thinks she’s the most beautiful creature in the universe. Natalie also gets the prophetic line, “So love has blinded you?” In Anakin’s case, it most certainly has, or at least his obsessive need to hold on to those he loves at all costs.

As the kids on Tumblr say, “all the feels!”

Star Wars: A Family Affair

December 16, 2014

A post on chronicles the many family members who have worked on the Star Wars films, including several from the prequels. Of course we all know that Ewan McGregor is Denis “Wedge” Lawson’s nephew or that George Lucas’s kids did some cameos throughout the prequel trilogy, but many more are featured, like the Edgerton brothers, the Coppolas, Jake Lloyd’s little sister, Rick McCallum’s daughter, etc..

Heart-warming family ties or nepotism? You decide ;).

More Interesting Links

December 15, 2014

Marvel has posted more installments in its series on the history of Star Wars, including one on AOTC and on the Clone Wars.

Meanwhile, Bryan Young has a post on on the influence of Die Hard on an episode of the Clone Wars.

Even More Lost Missions Q&A

December 15, 2014

Someday they’re going to have to release an entire unedited video of that Q&A session.

Here’s another installment discussing Yoda’s visit to the Force planet.

(Speaking of Yoda, what do you “Rebels” watchers think of Yoda doing an appearance in an upcoming episode of the show?)

Catching Up: Simpson Post & More Lost Missions Video

December 13, 2014

You can check out a Lost Missions Q&A video about Syfo Dias and the Sith here….this is where Filoni mentions Sidious had Dooku and Maul as apprentices at the same time.

Plus there’s a great post I kept forgetting to mention from Christian J. Simpson, the actor who worked on TPM and ROTS as a background player and as a stand-in. In it he shares Yoda’s lessons as applied to working on a Star Wars film, including a funny anecdote about how Hayden got that kid to jump back as Anakin turns on his lightsaber of doom in ROTS.

Oh, yeah one more thing. Artist Chris Trevas noted that in a children’s book he worked on in 1999 featuring lil’ Anakin and Jar Jar, there’s a character named Finn, which just so happens to be the name of John Boyega’s character in TFA. Must be a popular name in the GFFA ;).

T-Shirt Alert

December 13, 2014

WeLoveFine has a new General Grievous (mens) t-shirt available.

Plus there’s this clone ‘n Yoda themed “ugly sweater” that’s apparently selling like hotcakes.

As long as we’re in the Christmas spirit, here’s “Jango Bells” from TeeFury.

Aaand, for all of you bucket head fans, here is Tom Hodges’s design for Tee Republic. Show everyone how up to date you are with clonetrooper/stormtrooper helmets at every phase from AOTC to TFA.


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