Jake Lloyd on life 10 years post-TPM

Jake Lloyd got tossed onto the world stage at the age of 10 when he played lil’ Anakin in TPM. 10 years later, the 20-year-old sometimes finds it tough with his peers, as he tells Australia’s Sci-Fi in this video.

What do I think? Well, this is something I think every stage parent needs to keep in mind whenever it seems like it’s a great idea to put a child into show business. Most famous actors live in a bubble. Let’s face it, it’s not as though Ewan McGregor had to go back to working at Subway or something after appearing in this movie and while Natalie Portman went off to college, she didn’t go to Arizona State either. Jake had to go back to Darth Real Life and kids can be cruel. The post-TPM backlash in the media and on the internet probably didn’t help either. I don’t blame him for looking to get back into the entertainment industry to be honest.


3 Responses to “Jake Lloyd on life 10 years post-TPM”

  1. maychild Says:

    It gets worse.

    Darth Media is now pretending to commiserate with Jake. Instead of ripping him to shreds, they’re simpering some version of: “Oh, poor Jake, look how the horrible TPM ruined his life! We can’t blame him for being bitter — George Lucas ruins everything he touches! And who wouldn’t be traumatized at having to share the screen with Jar Jar Binks?”

    How conveniently the press overlooks that, at the time of TPM’s release and for at least a few years afterwards, they not only cut down Jake mercilessly, but gleefully reported on the vicious remarks made by the subhuman jackass bashers on the SW “fan” message boards, pretending that they represented all of SW’s fandom.

  2. lazypadawan Says:

    The whole thing is ridiculous and the thing is, Jake isn’t really bashing the movie at all. I can understand his having mixed feelings about it, but not so much because of the film itself.

  3. maychild Says:

    Exactly. He even says that if he could go back and do it all over again, he would still take the role. But of course, in comes Darth Media, twisting what he says, and offering dishonest, disingenuous and hypocritical “sympathy.” In actuality, they’re just using him as a means to beat up on the PT again, because heaven forbid a week go by when we’re not reminded of how much the “universally reviled” PT sucks and how Lucas “destroyed SW.”

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