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Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week Day Eight

August 8, 2015

Day Eight (the last day) is Your Choice. So I will go with favorite musical track, which admittedly is a toughie given that this trilogy includes “Duel of the Fates,” “Anakin’s Theme,” “Flag Parade,” and “Battle of the Heroes” among others.

Narrowly edging out DOTF as favorite:

And here’s a lullaby version:


Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week Day Seven

August 7, 2015

Favorite ‘ship? I mean, duhhh…


Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week Day Six: Favorite Planet

August 6, 2015

While I love Coruscant’s urban vibe, I have to say that I had to live anywhere in the GFFA, I’d pick Naboo:

Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week Day Five: Favorite Scene

August 5, 2015

It’s a toughie. Both are brilliantly directed and edited. One has a particularly strong “feels” factor.

Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week Day Four: Favorite Film

August 4, 2015

I don’t really have a favorite of the prequels or the saga overall, but I know which one is thus far the best.

Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week Day Three: Favorite Side Character

August 3, 2015

I didn’t come up with the topics and I admit I’m a little hazy on who qualifies as a “side” character. Yoda? Mace Windu? Jango Fett? Watto? General Grievous? Darth Maul or Darth Tyranus/Count Dooku? Ben Quadinaros? Any one of the handmaidens? Capt. Typho? Bail Organa? Plo Koon? Is Palpatine a side character? Kitster???

So I guess by that it means anyone who’s not in the top three or who’s not Qui-Gon. This actually really tough because there are so many great second or third tier characters and I never gave it that much thought as to which one of them is a favorite. Palpatine is of course one of the greatest magnificent bastards to ever grace the silver screen. Jango Fett is as far as bounty hunters go, a pretty cool cat. Shmi Skywalker, the matriarch of the clan that matters, is one of the most underrated characters in the saga. And everybody else I’ve mentioned is pretty memorable even with medium-to-small amounts of screen time.

I’ve got no real answer for this one.

Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week Day Two: Favorite Character

August 2, 2015

As with Luke, Han, and Leia it’s always a tough pick from a great trio of characters. And as per usual with me, I gravitate toward the one with the temper and the inclination to insult a captor. (“Governor Tarkin, I should’ve expected to find you holding Vader’s leash. I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board.”) (“General Grievous, you’re shorter than I expected.”)

Everyone in the PT had a compelling journey and TPM’s Qui-Gon was a compelling figure. But I identify the most with Anakin because he’s so flawed and flawed in ways that reflect everyone’s darker nature. He doesn’t turn to the dark side for money or fame or material goods, or even political power and status. He is driven by a need for love and validation and the often painful circumstances of his life make his journey to evil that much more poignant and tragic. His mix of innocence and menace is almost unique in today’s popular fiction.

Plus he’s very easy on the eyes.


Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week: Favorite Actor

August 1, 2015

I’ll be honest…I don’t have a favorite. You’re all winners! Though I admit to still having a crush on Hayden.