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That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

July 14, 2015

It’s not my intent to make it Persecution Week at SWPAS but even before the SDCC panel, I’d intended to address the animated LEGO Droid Tales miniseries airing on Disney X D. A while back I’d seen the trailer for the show online and there was a joke where the characters snored through Threepio explaining the beginning of TPM. I saw the writing on the wall and didn’t watch. Sure enough, viewers reported that the prequels got dragged through the mud, including Amanda Ward and Jason Ward of Making Star The show’s writer Michael Price tweeted back to Jason Ward the following:

I have no problem laughing with Star Wars. I liked Robot Chicken. I would’ve liked the Family Guy stuff more had it not been for the creepy molester jokes.

Laughing at Star Wars? Meh, not so much. If you look at the old Mad, Crazy, Cracked, etc. takes on the OT, Mad’s jokes could be brutal. Which is why I preferred the gentler Cracked. (Though Mad did that to everything.) When it comes to laughing at the PT in particular, well, an awful lot of what we’ve had to put up with over the past 16 years doesn’t exactly leave me with a funny bone for that sort of thing.

It’s annoying enough if it’s an entity outside of the official realm mocking the prequels or Star Wars in general. But it’s extremely disappointing when that mockery gets an official rubber stamp. And they wonder why many of us think there’s an anti-PT campaign behind promoting TFA!

Sorry, I won’t be watching. I’ve had enough of this sort of thing.

Star Wars Detours

August 24, 2012

Today was also the first Star Wars Detours panel at Celebration VI, which offered a first look at the comedy animated series from Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, and Todd Grimes.

Detours is set between Eps III and IV but there are prequel and Clone Wars references aplenty as you can see in this trailer:

Star Wars Detours

There are other clips of the show floating around; it looks like Kid Safe Robot Chicken. The show will feature Clone Wars veterans Catherine Taber and Dee Bradley Baker as well as Ahmed Best as Jar Jar. Also coming on board are Anthony Daniels, Billy Dee Williams, Donald Faison, Zachary Levi, Felicia Day, Weird Al Yankovic, Todd McFarlane, Breckin Meyer, and Todd Grimes.

No word yet on when the show will debut or on what network.

LEGO Animated Special Airs Jul. 22

July 7, 2011

“LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace” will air on Cartoon Network Jul. 22 at 7 p.m., while I’m probably stuck overtime at some Hall H presentation at Comic Con. In it, a youngling field trip goes terribly wrong and it’s up to Yoda, Artoo, and Threepio to save the day.

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