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Some Interesting Reading

December 17, 2015

First, check out the Telegraph’s defense of Lucas and the prequels.

A fan blogger discusses why saga/prequel fans shouldn’t boycott TFA. I don’t necessarily agree with all of his opinions and there are some inaccuracies/assumptions, but it’s an interesting argument. And like I’ve been saying, prequel fans have to learn to be more vocal in constructive ways.

While not technically reading, Geek University posted this video showing Eps I-VI side by side, demonstrating the Ring Theory:

Ron Howard Was Asked To Direct TPM

November 25, 2015

Here’s a very interesting revelation from director Ron Howard, who has known George Lucas since working on “American Graffiti” decades ago. Lucas had asked him to direct TPM, as well as Robert Zemeckis AND Steven Spielberg:

Appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Howard revealed to host Josh Horowitz that George Lucas, with whom he worked on American Graffiti and Willow, asked him to direct Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

“He did, he did,” Howard said in response to whether Lucas approached him about the film. “He didn’t necessarily want to direct them, and he told me that he had talked to [Robert] Zemeckis, he talked to me, he talked to Steven Spielberg. I was the third one he spoke to. They had all said the same thing, ‘George, you should just do it!’”

So much for the meme that Lucas was some power-hungry control freak who only wanted “yes men” and wouldn’t “share” with anyone else.

Let Lucas Know You Appreciate Him

November 23, 2015

Art by Noah Evans

Fan Susan Bowes has taken it upon herself to make a video showing George Lucas there are Star Wars fans who appreciate him and his work and is asking for fellow fans to submit their own messages to include in the video. If interested, e-mail your clip to She’s already started working on it and would like to post it on YouTube and Facebook as soon as possible.

Sums It Up

November 21, 2015

Posted on the SWPAS FB page by Stephen Marshal Bove:

On That Note: “In Defense of George Lucas”

November 19, 2015

A guy posted on his blog “In Defense Of George Lucas”, a welcome piece sticking up for the saga’s creator:

What really bothers me is how the director himself has taken the brunt of the hatred. Lucas has been called everything from incompetent, lazy, greedy and arrogant to outright racist. This is coming from people who hardly know anything about his personal life. But how does someone so incompetent and lazy build, from the ground up, the biggest FX company in the world? How does someone so greedy donate most of the 4 billion he earned selling to Disney? How does someone so arrogant appear so humble in his interviews? How does someone so racist have a best friend, Ste(v)en Spielberg, who is Jewish, and make a black man the most powerful Jedi next to Yoda, or produce a film in honor of black aviators, or marry a black woman? But no, the haters hate him and his films, and if you disagree, they’ll attack you too, and with the same fervor.”

Lucas Says Backlash Drove Him From Star Wars; Hints Disney Wanted Fanservice

November 19, 2015

Yesterday Vanity Fair posted a short interview with George Lucas and Lucas revealed why he is pretty much done with Star Wars:

“You go to make a movie and all you do is get criticized,” is how George explains why he stepped away from the world-famous franchise he created. “And it’s not much fun. You can’t experiment.”

He also says Jar Jar is his favorite character, heh heh.

Today CBS revealed in an upcoming interview with Charlie Rose, Lucas reiterated what he told Vanity Fair and added this disheartening note about his original ideas for the sequel film(s), how they were discarded, and now Lucas has basically walked from the whole thing:

“The issue was, ultimately, they looked at the stories and they said we want to make something for the fans. So I said all I wanted to do was tell a story of what happened, you know it started here and went there. And it’s all about generations, the issues of fathers and sons and grandfathers, it’s a family soap opera. They call it a space opera, but people don’t realize it’s actually a soap opera, and it’s all about family problems and that kind of… it’s not about spaceships.

So they decided they didn’t want to use those stories, they decided they were going to go do their own thing, so I decided fine, basically I’m not going try to… they weren’t that keen on having me involved anyway, but at the same time I am not going to, if I get in there I am just going to cause trouble. Cause they’re not going to do what I want them to do, and I don’t have the control anymore to do that anymore and all I’ll do is just muck everything up. So I said I will go my way, and let them go their way.”

To be blunt, this sucks. Imagine J.K. Rowling being told her input isn’t needed or wanted anymore in the Harry Potter universe. Put two and two together…Lucas found the anti-prequel backlash from “fans” and from the media painful enough not to want to work on more films. When he sold Lucasfilm to Disney, Disney didn’t want Lucas’s cooties because it doesn’t want a similar backlash against their investment and instead wants a “mainstream” and “safe” Star Wars (dare I say dumbed-down?) with more whiz bang. The question is whether Abrams and Kasdan realize that Star Wars isn’t any more about sci-fi action than the Godfather films are just about organized crime, or if there’s anyone with enough power and influence at Lucasfilm to keep these new films as close to Lucas’s vision as possible. We won’t know that for another 27-29 days. But it certainly explains why the GFFA shown so far in TFA’s ads and trailers doesn’t have the same freshness.

Even if TFA is absolutely wonderful, this is no way things should end with Lucas and with the saga he created. It’s wrong. The really sad part is so many people who have benefited one way or another from his work or claim to be fans of it don’t seem to care. If what we get from now on are rehashes and generic sci-fi action crap that’s full of spectacle but no myth (or worse yet, warps it beyond recognition), “Star Wars fans” have no one but themselves to blame. That Lucas got exiled from his creation through a coup of fools is already their eternal shame.

Papa George on

January 3, 2008

Here’s what he had to say about fans’ opinions of the PT vs. the OT: 

People who are over 40 love [Episodes] IV, V, and VI and hate I, II, and III. Younger people like I, II, and III and don’t like IV, V, and VI, or they like I, II, and III better and think IV, V, and VI are kind of boring and slow. And of course the older people say, “Oh, I, II, and III—it’s too jittery, too fast, too complicated, it’s too digital,” or whatever they want to say. But definitely one generation has grabbed hold of one of them, and the other generation has grabbed hold of the next one. One of the key characters that helped us realize what was going on was Jar Jar Binks, because the kids that are under 10 years old, he’s one of their favorite characters. For people over 40, they cannot stand him—it’s a hate thing. You know, they’ve always been for 12-year-olds, and that’s never changed. People don’t want to think of it that way. They want to think those films are for grown-ups. Even though they were 10 years old when they saw it, it’s still very important to them, so, for them, it’s a grown-up movie, as opposed to a kids’ movie. The pre–Jar Jar Binks was 3PO. Everybody hated 3PO. I mean, it was like they couldn’t stand him. It really had to do with his character. They don’t like his character, and they don’t like Jar Jar Binks—but they’re not designed to be likeable characters.

I’m not entirely sure if I agree; it’s a bit overgeneralized. Maybe the first t-shirt I design will be something about older fans being PT fans too ;).

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