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This Is Star Wars Too Is Live

September 14, 2015

As threatened, I started a Tumblr called This Is Star Wars Too. If you’re on Tumblr, be sure to follow and reblog to your friends!

You can contribute too. In fact, I hope you do! The concept is to show prequel fans exist and the things they do to express their love for Eps I-III. I will also throw in the appropriate meme and promote anyone who’s making prequel stuff you might find interesting, both licensed and unlicensed.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

Photos or videos of…

Fan events/cons
Meeting PT alumni
Hauls from the store or online

(All must feature prequel stuff, of course!)

I will also consider gifs, video rants, cartoons, and memes that drive home the point of “prequel rights,” i.e. promoting the prequels as an equal part of the saga. No knocking of the movies allowed.

Send anything you might have to or PM SWPAS on Tumblr. Ditto if you have any questions.

Save Mos Espa

April 11, 2014

Eduardo called attention to the effort to remove sand from the Mos Espa set, which was slowly being buried by an encroaching dune.

Fortunately work has already begun on saving the set, which should stay sand-free for about the next decade. The Save Mos Espa campaign is trying to raise $45,000 to help defray costs. It seems to have the cooperation of the Tunisian tourism agency but as with all of these things, use your own discretion. Check out the blog and the Indiegogo campaign.

Stuff The Ballot Box For Clone Wars

October 28, 2013

Want another chance to embarrass corporate brass over canceling The Clone Wars, er, honor a great series? The People’s Choice Awards ballots are up for online voting and one of the categories is for Favorite Series We Miss The Most. While Clone Wars isn’t listed, there is a write-in option.

Sure, the odds are long. “Breaking Bad” is listed on there as well as other shows with cult followings, like “Dexter” or “Fringe” or “The Office.” But are any of those fans as ticked as Clone Wars fans? I doubt it. You know what to do.

Homework Assignment: Speak Out

November 1, 2012

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, but as you might have already noticed, much of the media on this week’s big news have taken the opportunity to bash the prequels and spread lies. Already I’ve chewed out some hack at and let ’em have it at the Wall Street Journal among other sites.

I’m not out trolling, this is stuff I read all of the time anyway. But what’s especially grating is that these media douches don’t realize those “lousy” prequels made a lot of money and they were widely praised when they were first released, especially AOTC and ROTS. If you see this sort of thing going on, call them on their b.s.. If you see something factually incorrect, set them straight. We’ve been bullied and pushed around too long.

Another E-Tailer Bashes The Prequels

April 20, 2011

The “Eps IV-VI > Eps I-III” banner on ThinkGeek is nothing compared to what’s on if you click on the link to all Star Wars merchandise:

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. …”, the Galactic Civil War was fought, with the ragtag Rebel Alliance battling the Galactic Empire in what is now considered a national epic of good vs evil, democracy vs empire, for the United States. George Lucas managed to turn a beautiful story, episodes IV, V, VI, into a prequel series of total fracking trash! The romantic, lovable, nostalgic sci-fi hero/rogue story was utterly destroyed by the likes of Anikan (sic), Jar Jar Binks and the boring, yet sexy, Queen Amidala! Thank you George! Now pass the friggin’ torch!

I’m not sure which is more offensive: the gratuitous prequel bashing or the poor writing.

They mock and disrespect Lucas as well as half the saga, yet they want to make dough off of his creations. That includes the Darth Maul t-shirts, from that “prequel series of fracking trash,” they are selling here. Or the Maul belt buckle for sale here. Or the clonetrooper button here. Or the Clone Wars keychains, including one of that “Anikan” here. Plus there are patches, wristbands, tin/lunchboxes, license plate thingies, stickers, and toys.

You can contact Superherostuff at:
231 E. Penn Avenue
Robesonia, PA 19551

Homework Assignment: I Need You To Be My Eyes And Ears

April 9, 2010

I’m a busy gal and far from omniscient, which makes defending the saga sometimes a difficult job. So I need help from you folks.

If any of you have a tip on a great pro-PT essay, a poll we can “influence,” or you catch official fandom misbehaving, shoot me an e-mail at If you have insider information, I want that too and I will absolutely positively protect anyone’s identity.

Next week, I’m going to announce our next big project. Stay tuned!