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September 18, 2018

This lists the release schedule for Marvel’s upcoming Age of Republic series of comics. I’m assuming further details will be revealed at the Disney-Lucasfilm publishing panel at NYCC early next month. Marvel’s also doing an Age of Rebellion (OT) and an Age of Resistance (ST) series.

Check out what are supposedly the variant covers for the Qui-Gon and Maul comic covers.

Ray Park On Playing Maul Again

September 12, 2018

Ray Park discusses his return as Darth Maul in “Solo” and Ewan McGregor’s shock at seeing his old nemesis’s surprise cameo:

As a bonus, here’s a picture from Twitter of Ray Park and his vocal counterpart, Sam Witwer:


Obitine Wedding Video

September 10, 2018

Also at Fan X last weekend was this wedding, between an Obi-Wan and a Satine cosplayer, and officiated by TCW alumni James Arnold Taylor and Anna Graves.  How awesome is that?

Video by Andrew Gallup


Ian McDiarmid’s Fan X Panel

September 10, 2018

Learn how a lot of dead padawans got cut from ROTS and more from Palpie himself at last weekend’s Fan X convention in Utah.

H/T Naboo News

Prequel Pix At Star Wars Authentics

September 7, 2018

Star Wars Authentics is a subsidiary of Topps and it has the current license to sell Star Wars autographs and produce official photos.  Not only have prequel alum like Hayden Christensen, Ian McDiarmid, Ray Park, Temuera Morrison, and TCW’s James Arnold Taylor have autographs available, you can now get still photos from all of the prequel flicks and The Clone Wars.

(As an aside, back in July I was shopping at the SW Authentics booth at Comic Con and chatted with one of the reps.  They’re working on getting more prequel alumni autographs and may land some new names soon.)



September 7, 2018

“Solo:  A Star Wars Story” is out on digital next Friday (Sept. 14) and available on DVD/Blu-Ray later on in the month.  To promote the releases, Lucasfilm decided to drop the film’s biggest spoiler figuring we all know by now anyway.


Check out the robotic legs!

Clickbait site Movieweb features an interview with Ray Park and how he pretty much had spoiled his return to the Star Wars galaxy but nobody noticed.

Lucasfilm released a clip of Maulsy’s jaw dropping cameo:

And here’s Sam Witwer appearing on The Star Wars Show to talk about his part voicing Maul for the film:



Those Devious Matchmakers

September 7, 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve featured someone else’s meta.  Here’s an interesting one on Tumblr comparing Palpatine bringing Anakin and Padmé together in AOTC and Snoke bridging Kylo and Rey’s minds in TLJ:

So, both Palpatine and Snoke saw something that was already naturally there between the respective pairings–Anakin’s feelings for Padme and their childhood friendship; Ben’s compassion for Rey and their nascent Force bond. And, being the opportunistic, manipulative, exploitative gremlins that they were, sought to take advantage of it for their own benefit. By helping things along and pushing the two together–physically, in Anakin and Padme’s case, and mystically/mentally in Ben and Rey’s.

Now You Can Get Hitched In Padmé’s Gown

September 2, 2018

Wasn’t Padmé’s ’20s-inspired wedding dress awesome? Wouldn’t you like to have one on your big day instead of one of those extremely expensive stripper gowns you see on “Say Yes To The Dress?”  Well, your wish is about to come true:

It follows Padme’s wedding look: a gown with the intricate design down front that is carefully set by hand, a flowing bell train in the back, followed by an overlay on top made from a gorgeous regal lace, a capelet wrapping the shoulders, and a veil decorated with blossoms and handsewn beaded flowers.

Check out The Kessel Runway for photos.

New (Short) Interview With Trisha Biggar

August 25, 2018

ITV has a new interview with prequel costume designer Trisha Biggar.  One of her designs for AOTC (the travel disguise gown) is going on display at a museum in Dundee, Scotland.  Check out what Biggar has to say about what inspired the gown and the influence Scottish design had on many of her Padmé costumes.

H/T:  Naboo News

We’re Winning: A Commentary

August 17, 2018

This site’s been going on for 11 years and for most of that time, it’s felt like Sisyphus trying to push a boulder uphill.  Even with The Clone Wars on the air, trying to get respect for the prequels and for its fans five years ago or eight years ago was a tough job.  It felt like the world was against us.  The media didn’t respect us, geek culture didn’t respect us, a vocal chunk of fandom didn’t respect us, licensing didn’t respect us, and Lucasfilm didn’t seem too eager to defend the movies or help us out much either.

It seems to me that over the past couple of years things have started to change and now, we’re just beginning to see the payoff.  It doesn’t seem to be quite so “cool” anymore to make fun of the prequels or to trash them.  The media isn’t quite so hostile.  Trolls and haters seem to have shifted their focus to the sequels since I guess they’re a fresher source of their outrage.  Hasbro and the comics have never abandoned the prequels and now other licensees are offering prequel stuff.  If it seemed like Disney wanted everyone to forget about the prequels three or four years ago, their influence is all over the place now.  They were obviously an influence on TLJ and references galore appear in “Solo,” including a surprise cameo by Darth Maul.  Even Simon Pegg, once a virulent and public prequel basher, has recognized that hating a movie’s a waste of your time and feels bad people like Ahmed Best were hurt by the backlash.  We’re getting two prequel-era novels next year and more prequel-era comics.  The prequels figure prominently in #1 NYT Bestseller “Thrawn:  Alliances.”  The SDCC exclusive cover with Anakin and Thrawn was a hot item.  I almost didn’t get one!

The Clone Wars is going to return in 2019, five years after it was abruptly canceled.  Fans’ persistence in getting the show back paid off but the fact of the matter is, Disney couldn’t ignore the gangbusters business the show was getting on Netflix.  It’s been on the streaming service for over five years.  The trailer that debuted at SDCC got more views than many ballyhooed movie trailers.

So what accounts for the shifting winds?  It seems that pop culture has a 20-year cycle.  The original trilogy was always popular but it seemed like Star Wars wasn’t recognized as a cultural institution until around 1997.  2019 marks the 20thanniversary of TPM and as we get closer to that anniversary, I think there will be greater recognition of the value the prequels added to the saga.  I’m seeing a lot of that already.

Some of it is wistful appreciation of what Lucas accomplished.  It’s always easier to appreciate in retrospect, especially with Lucas now retired.  It’s also easier to like something that feels familiar.  When the movies were first out, I think the critics just didn’t know how to handle a Star Wars that didn’t look and feel familiar, so they deemed those movies “wrong,” as though Lucas didn’t understand his own story or his own universe.  They held on to those feelings of anger and disappointment for a long time, angry at movies that made them feel angry.  But after 20 years, many have simply gotten used to them.

Some of it is of course generational.  Not that long ago, Boomer and Gen-X Star Wars fans were the ones that had the money and the soap boxes.  Now, adults who had grown up with the prequels and The Clone Wars are coming into their own.  So they’re going to have a greater influence on all things Star Wars.

Whatever the reasons, I’m glad we’re finally getting there.