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Factoids About AOTC

August 19, 2016

A South African site posted sometime last year some fun facts about AOTC.  One of them is super obvious (are there real Kaminoans they could’ve cast?) but the others I hadn’t heard before or have slipped into the memory hole.

Help Me Out With This Poll

August 19, 2016

Hey SWPAS nation,

I’m trying to figure out the demographics of the people who read this site, so I came up with this completely unscientific poll you can take here.  It’s just asking ages.  It’s one question and it’s anonymous.  I’ve already posted the link on the SWPAS Facebook page and I will repost on Tumblr.


Open Thread: Rogue One Trailer #2

August 11, 2016

Please bear in mind this is debuting first during prime time in the EST/CST zones in the U.S., so spoilers in the comments may roll in before those of you who live elsewhere get to see it.  If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t complain commenters are spoiling it for you.

Also, the mighty Thor ban hammer will be used to those who violate the Rules of the House.

Wonderful Saga Art

August 9, 2016

Mr. Hand forwarded links to some terrific stained-glass style art by breath-art of Eps I-VI:


You can check out the rest here.


Breaking News: A Confirmed Cameo in “Rogue One”

August 5, 2016

Since this might constitute a spoiler, I’m putting the details under the cut…

Non-spoiler update 8/7:  NBC will air a new Rogue One trailer on Thursday during its Olympic coverage.  NBC must be so jazzed for ratings it’ll happily run a trailer from its rival’s parent company!


SWCE Open Thread

July 15, 2016

Ahsoka-rama, new Rogue One trailer, and other shenanigans drop all weekend at SWCE!  Are you at the con?  Are you watching stream video when you really should be working?  Are you following along on social media?  Do you even care?  Chat about it here (but read the Rules of the House).

Update 7/15:  It was all about Ahsoka and Rogue One today.  For some reason Lucasfilm showed a short new trailer only to the audience at SWCE that apparently has Vader in it; there’s no SDCC panel and there’s no D23 this year (tickets just went on sale for 2017).  So I have no idea what they are saving it for.  But a sizzle reel was shown to the audience and online and folks claim to have spotted Bail Organa in the background.  As for Ahsoka, there’s lots of news about her!  Aside from the exclusive Funko Pop figure for Hot Topic coming this fall (her “Rebels” incarnation), the cover art for the upcoming YA novel was revealed as well as some digital cards for the Topps Star Wars Trading Card app.  The Ahsoka Untold Tales panel is posted in its entirety here.  Some of it is stuff I’d heard before from last year’s Clone Wars panel at Celebration Anaheim but a lot is new, including lots of new sketch art and Dave Filoni’s plans for her fate on the show.  Watch and pull your hair out that such a cool ending never got to be used!  And could we see her return on “Rebels?”

Meanwhile TPM concept artist Doug Chiang and visual effects supervisor John Knoll along with Kevin Jenkins appeared at the ILM Archaeology Panel that live streamed (I didn’t watch, I actually had to work, heh heh).  Apparently Chiang spent a lot of time talking about how many miniatures were used in TPM😉.  And Chiang managed to bump into fellow TPM alum Ray Park:


And here’s Dave Filoni and Sam Witwer (Maul’s other alter ego) with a cosplayer:


Update 7/16:  It was mostly about Thrawn today but not much news prequels-wise.  Maul will be back on “Rebels” and there’s going to be a TPM read-along book for kids coming out in January.

Update 7/17:   Aaand, show’s over.



Hasbro’s Star Wars Fan Choice Vote

July 11, 2016

Jake passed along this tidbit of interest to collectors and players of toys who would like to see more prequel stuff. Hasbro has started its second annual fan choice vote for its 6-inch figure line. The way it works is you e-mail in your vote to and will run the final tally, with the winner revealed at SDCC in a couple of weeks. So you better hurry!

“There’s Always A Bigger Fish” Tee Campaign Ends Friday

July 6, 2016

Just a couple of days left to get my design on Teespring!

Check it out now!

Essay On “Love, Hate, & Geek Culture”

June 29, 2016

Thomas Storai on Midichlorian Center posted an essay on the prequels and geek culture:

And so how do these people have to do anything with the Geek culture? It’s exactly those “fans” fueled geek culture with hate towards the Prequels, it’s those people dictated what to like and what not to like. The problem with geek culture is that people in there spend most of their time hating on something rather than focusing on what they love, they don’t listen to other’s opinions and state that their opinions is the rightful one and the only one that exists so discussion is not possible as they take the biggest space on the Internet trolling people who love things they hate.

Surprise! It’s the SWPAS Summer Shirt Series

June 16, 2016

I tried something like this before and it wasn’t too successful but since 1) one can never have too many Star Wars t-shirts and 2) they definitely don’t make enough fun prequel ones, I thought I’d give it another shot through Teespring.

The first design quotes the wisdom of Qui-Gon Jinn from TPM.  It’s perfect for those fishing trips or evading sando aqua monsters.  Choose from the basic unisex t-shirt, ladies t-shirt, or ladies tank top.  Or, just go with the always figure-friendly sticker.

This campaign lasts until July 7, so come check it out now.  Look for design #2 real soon, based on a design I recently made for myself!