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Every Star Wars Lightsaber Duel In One Video

August 17, 2015

Polygon linked to a video where some soul had edited together in an hour presentation every single lightsaber duel from Eps I-VI, in chronological order:

Awesome Fan Vid

August 15, 2015

I haven’t posted a lot of fanvids lately because I tend to avoid ones that are poorly made and/or use dorky songs I don’t like. Heh heh.

But this one linked on a Tumblr page turned my head because not only is it Anakin/Padmé, but also because it’s really well done and it uses the spoken monologue from Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem” in a different context that totally works.

Latin Post: Marginalizing Prequels Is A Bad Move

August 6, 2015

David Salazar at the Latin Post says the TFA marketing is marginalizing the prequels and it’s a bad idea:

The film itself is not a reason for concern as a new “Star Wars” movie is undoubtedly a reason to celebrate for fans around the world. The problem is the way the marketing of the film has been handled, how it is increasingly becoming a divisive strategy, catering to a specific crop of fans while, possibly, unknowingly polarizing another group of fans within the franchise.

I for one applaud the fact prequel fans are finally getting more jobs in the professional media.

Prequel Parodies of SDCC Video Reel

August 2, 2015

Check out Yancy’s video responding to the SDCC TFA promo reel with a little creative editing of his own:

And if you haven’t seen it yet, this is Morgan Cherney’s video called The Pegg Edit based on an idea from Paul McDonald:


Changes Afoot At SWPAS!

June 10, 2015

It’s always a challenge to keep things fresh and interesting after nearly eight years of doing this. So, I’ve cooked up some new ideas, some of which I’ve began to implement. Already I’m monkeying with the Blogroll. I’m also going to fix up the tags and categories. I’ve had trouble with those on Safari but I think I’ve might have found a workaround.

Plus, new features are coming soon along with old ideas I’ve left dormant for a while.

Stay tuned!

Cereal By General Mills

June 4, 2015


As you might know from visiting your supermarket cereal aisles, General Mills is running a promotion with “specially-marked boxes” of various cereals that each contain a mini poster from one of the six Star Wars films. (GM is also producing a Star Wars branded cereal.)

A marketing company working with General Mills offered to send me some of its offerings and here it is, along with an extra poster (of TPM…nice touch!).

Thanks, General Mills. It’s also running a Tumblr page.

Marvel: So Far, So Good?

June 1, 2015

It’s been six months since Marvel has started publishing Star Wars comics for the first time since 1986. Sales have been good and while opinions seem to be varied from title to title, I have to say that so far, Marvel has done a great job of integrating the saga into its comics.

Three of its current titles are based in the Ep IV-VI era: Star Wars, Darth Vader, and the Princess Leia miniseries. However in all three of them, the prequels/Clone Wars have not been neglected, which is a real surprise. You’d think from all of the propaganda lately that it’s all about throwing them down the memory hole, especially since comics are not really a kid’s thing anymore and haven’t been for a long time. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just focus on the OT era and not put in Togruta in the background or refer to any of Vader’s past so sensibilities of older fanboys are not offended? But that’s not what’s happening at Marvel and this is a good thing. I don’t know if it’s the influence of Lucasfilm’s story group or Marvel’s editorial staff or a combination of the two. But imagine my surprise at Vader remembering his last sojourn on Geonosis or in the Princess Leia series, Leia not only visiting Naboo but having an odd Force-vision of her mother. The feels, man, the feels! While Lando seems to be the next character to get the mini series treatment, Marvel’s Jordan White has expressed interest in the PT era eventually. Comments at BookCon last weekend seemed to indicate they’d be open to an Obi-Wan series and maybe even a Padmé one. I don’t think those will be coming down the pike any time soon but I don’t see any reason not to keep up the pressure either, wink wink.

Strangely enough, I think the best of Marvel’s offerings right now is “Kanan: The Last Padawan,” basically the Clone Wars-era backstory to the ex-Jedi guy on “Rebels.” It’s the only book now set in the prequel era and both the story and art are fantastic (the script was written by Greg Weisman, formerly of “Rebels”). If you’re not reading it now, you really should. The third issue should be out this month.

So, all praise to Marvel for at least treating the saga as one big tapestry. Let’s hope this continues.

Attention To Those Who Want To Pitch Stuff To SWPAS

May 27, 2015

1. Your product/video/project must be relevant to SWPAS’s mission. This is not a generic Star Wars fan site, this is niche. If your stuff has nothing to do with the prequels, there are a bunch of other general sites that will be happy to run it instead.

2. Your product/video/project CANNOT be anti-PT in any way. I am not interested in pimping your epic rewrite of TPM that you assure me is so much better than the original, even as I can tell your spelling is bad and I can’t understand half of your mangled sentences in your e-mail.

3. At this time I do not accept paid advertising on the site.

4. Please be aware I am an extremely busy person with a full-time job and I don’t have time to watch your 2 hour forty-eight minute “fun parody” with all non-professional actors or three hours of you and your boys rambling about Star Wars in someone’s garage.

5. Freebies are welcome but please be aware that 1) I will let readers know up front I’m reviewing or discussing a product I got for free, 2) the product has to be relevant to SWPAS (prequel or overall saga related), and 3) I reserve the right to give it away to readers afterward.

Thank you!

Star Wars Flicks To Be Screened In China

May 25, 2015

Disney is D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E to break Star Wars in China, where there’s a potential audience of two billion and American blockbusters are finally making big bank there.

Star Wars has always had a spotty record in the PRC. While Hong Kong got all of the films when they were first released, Eps IV-VI never got a formal release in China proper. The prequels did, but I think they were a little ahead of China’s economic boom that has created a large middle class. Most Chinese, if they knew anything about Star Wars, were likely introduced to the saga through bootleg video in a country where piracy of Western intellectual property is rampant and actually backed by the government. (Stay tuned for the Backstroke of the West 10th Anniversary Special!)

So ahead of TFA’s release, they are formally screening all six films next month at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

Hilarious Star Wars/Frozen Parody

May 25, 2015

From My Wonder Factory, Anakin letting loose to “Let It Go”.


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