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“There’s Always A Bigger Fish” Tee Campaign Ends Friday

July 6, 2016

Just a couple of days left to get my design on Teespring!

Check it out now!

Essay On “Love, Hate, & Geek Culture”

June 29, 2016

Thomas Storai on Midichlorian Center posted an essay on the prequels and geek culture:

And so how do these people have to do anything with the Geek culture? It’s exactly those “fans” fueled geek culture with hate towards the Prequels, it’s those people dictated what to like and what not to like. The problem with geek culture is that people in there spend most of their time hating on something rather than focusing on what they love, they don’t listen to other’s opinions and state that their opinions is the rightful one and the only one that exists so discussion is not possible as they take the biggest space on the Internet trolling people who love things they hate.

Surprise! It’s the SWPAS Summer Shirt Series

June 16, 2016

I tried something like this before and it wasn’t too successful but since 1) one can never have too many Star Wars t-shirts and 2) they definitely don’t make enough fun prequel ones, I thought I’d give it another shot through Teespring.

The first design quotes the wisdom of Qui-Gon Jinn from TPM.  It’s perfect for those fishing trips or evading sando aqua monsters.  Choose from the basic unisex t-shirt, ladies t-shirt, or ladies tank top.  Or, just go with the always figure-friendly sticker.

This campaign lasts until July 7, so come check it out now.  Look for design #2 real soon, based on a design I recently made for myself!

Cass Sunstein Strikes Again

June 12, 2016

Cedric found this interview with the author of “The World According To Star Wars” on, where he mentions again the prequels.  He doesn’t seem so complimentary of TPM here (“cutesy?”) but otherwise gamely points out what he likes about them.

Michael found this piece he wrote for the Washington Post.  Again, laying cover fire but otherwise defends them from his political perspective (remember he did work for the Obama administration).

Top 10 Surprises Of The Prequel Trilogy

June 6, 2016

Eps IV-VI delivered some surprises for those who saw the films as they were released. When the prequels were in production, some naysayers wondered how a set of films with a predetermined ending was going to have anything surprising. But the prequels certainly delivered some curveballs of their own.

10. The connection between the Fetts and the clone-eventually-storm troopers. Forget recent retconning a moment and think back to a time when Lucas originally conceived of Boba Fett as a Stormtrooper gone rogue. There was certainly an intention to connect Boba Fett’s roots with that of the Empire’s men in white. But this background info wasn’t at the forefront of my thinking when I first saw AOTC. Of course it would make sense to clone a ruthless killer into an army of them eventually meant to take out the Jedi Order.

9. Chewbacca the Clone Wars veteran. I’m not surprised per se that Lucas finagled a way to sneak in crowd favorite Chewbacca, but it was surprising to me he was an active part of the Clone Wars and that he and Yoda had met.

8. Padmé The Original Cougar. This is a little thing but in Hollywood, usually the man is the cradle-robber (see Han Solo). It’s almost unheard of for the female love interest to be older than the guy.

7. Anakin wasn’t the first Jedi to go bad. I had thought prior to the prequels that no Jedi had ever really turned evil (Tales of the Jedi comics notwithstanding) until Anakin became Vader; Count Dooku proved me wrong.

6. Artoo knows everything. Poor Threepio got his memory wiped at the end of ROTS or at least was about to, but apparently they let Artoo be since he can’t talk and spill the beans. Who knows how many times Artoo was beeping and booping “Hey, Luke, that guy is your father” or “Dear God, that’s your sister!”

5. The not-so-perfect Jedi Order. Obi-Wan/Ben Kenobi sure had his rose-colored glasses on when he regaled Luke with the past glories of the Jedi Order. Well, we didn’t exactly know that until the prequels came out. The Dark Side had clouded the vision of the Jedi, plus several centuries’ worth of peace, respect from the galaxy’s citizens, and no real threats to the order kind of made them complacent and stuck in their ways. Yoda kvetched about arrogance among the Jedi. Their entanglement in the Clone Wars chipped away at their values and left them completely vulnerable to attack from their “troops.” The Sith took over the galaxy right out from under their noses. They completely mishandled Anakin. Need I go on?

4. The brutality of Order 66. We all knew the fall of the Jedi would factor in here somewhere but when the time came, ROTS didn’t hold back. Not only are beloved cult characters killed off onscreen, even children are not spared.

3. Anakin’s mystical origins. I don’t know what I expected from Anakin’s background but his “virgin” birth and his destiny as the Chosen One meant to bring balance to the Force surprised me. The OT gives no indication that Anakin was particularly special beyond his abilities as a pilot and as a warrior. One could say (retroactively) that Yoda and Obi-Wan had given up on the prophecy or they didn’t want to puff up Luke’s ego in a way that would make him dangerous to train. But this revelation not only raises the stakes for what Anakin meant and for his salvation later on, it establishes the Skywalker lineage as distinctive and important. Bonus points: it’s matrilineal. Who knew a humble slave woman would be the matriarch of this clan of awesome?

2. Troopers were once good guys. I admit, this was a pretty shocking thing to see in AOTC. I was so used to associating guys in white armor with the villains, it was surreal to see them fighting alongside Yoda.

1. Darth Vader turned to the Dark Side for love. Ever since it was known Vader was a fallen Jedi, observers of the saga had wondered what exactly turned him from just another Jedi to the galaxy’s second most evil guy. Fear, a craving for power, and anger sure did factor into it but what generated those emotions? As it turned out, it wasn’t a crazy ambition to be king of the galaxy, a desire for money and a big mansion full of bikini-clad groupies, or anything banal like that. It was for a human and entirely understandable reason: to save his beloved Padme from death. I never would have predicted anything like that in 1977.

Fan’s Custom Shoes

June 4, 2016

Check out some of the sneaker artwork fan Marcella Britti has been doing lately (this is from her Facebook page):


Check out more of her work here.

Some Great Cosplay

June 2, 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve posted cosplay photos.  These were posted on the Star Wars:  The Prequel Trilogy Facebook page:

Thanks everybody!

May 21, 2016

Thanks to everyone who participated in Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day.   I enjoyed reading all of  the entries!

By the way, I have deputized Adam Bram as a co-administrator, meaning he has the ability to approve comments and enforce my will, heh heh.  Since he had to sign on with WordPress, he’s posting under “senatorbinks.”

“Galactic Warfighters” Photos

May 9, 2016

Hi Consumption posted about a photographer who is also a college student/Marine with an interesting set of photos:  he poses mostly clone trooper figures in realistic war settings.  Many of his photos are inspired by his experiences on deployment.  Also featured are battle droids, some First Order troops, and a traditional stormtrooper or two.  But these look like artsy stills from The Clone Wars or ROTS.  Check out his Instagram account here.

H/T Addis Zaryan


Why I’ve Lost The May the 4th Spirit: A Commentary

May 3, 2016

The first time I’d ever heard of “May the Fourth” was 12 years ago. Several co-workers who knew I was a Star Wars fan ambushed my desk and said, “Do you know what day it is?”

“Uh, no?”

“May the 4th be with you!” they chorused. Sure I had fun co-workers but I still wonder how the heck I was the last to know about the significance of May 4. In any case, I gamely continued along with this made-up internet holiday for the next several years. It was an excuse to wear Star Wars t-shirts or jewelry or whatever I had and take advantage of some promotional deals.  It has become a huge marketing tool and it seems like even people who mostly don’t care about Star Wars or know much about it feel some sort of compulsion to participate.

Now my answer to “May the 4th” is, “Bah, humbug!” No I’m not going to smack co-workers with a cane when they wish me a ”May the 4th Be With You” or anything but I’m over it being anything important that I have to celebrate. I don’t care about the commercialization part of it. Companies will find any reason to sell us Star Wars stuff after all.

But one problem I have with May the 4th is it isn’t in any way significant to Star Wars itself. It’s based off of a silly pun.  (It’s also not the only day in May subject to goofy Star Wars puns: no one can agree on whether Revenge of the Fifth or Revenge of the Sixth is more clever.)  If you had to pick a day to celebrate Star Wars as a whole, why not May 25th, when ANH was released? That started it all. Or why not on George Lucas’s birthday, May 14th? For Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day, May 19 is logical because that’s when TPM and ROTS came out.

But the biggest problem I have with May the 4th is that it has come to exacerbate the fault lines and lack of respect among fans. I fully expect people to go to Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or whatever to spend more time trashing what they don’t like about Star Wars instead of celebrating what they do like. Why? Because that’s what I’ve been seeing online for years now! Every stupid geek faux personality had been feeling obligated to use their May the 4th posts to trash the prequels. I’ve posted about this happening a few years now.

My last straw was a year ago when I not-too-wisely got into an argument with a stranger over one of his backhanded May the 4th posts. I thought, “This is why this thing exists? So people can bash the prequels and I end up getting into arguments with them?”  This is supposed to be about celebrating what makes us happy and I was miserable.   I felt like George Costanza’s father telling the story of why he founded Festivus, because the fights over buying Christmas gifts got to him. There has to be a better way! (Like Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day, coming May 20!)

So you can go on with your May the 4th festivities; I’m sitting them out.  No May the 4th greetings, no Star Wars-wear to work.  Like the Oingo Boingo song says, it’s just another day.

But I will take advantage of sales on anything good…


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