Meta On Padmé & The Jedi

Every now and then you find something worthwhile on Tumblr, like this meta about Padmé and her unique relationship with the Jedi Order:

She has come to the conclusion that the Jedi, or at least Qui-Gon, while brave and insightful, are not without flaws, and are a bit…removed from society to their  detriment.

This impression of them is solidified when she observes the impotence and corruption of the Senate at its very worst when she goes to plead for her people; the Jedi, who are obedient to the Senate, do not help her. Hence, while Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan accompany her back to Naboo, they do not offer her any assistance beyond protection, (and trying to find the Sith…) She notices this too. The Council could do more, or course, (even over the Sith threat!), but they do not. By the end of TPM, Padme respects the Jedi as a part of the judicial forces, but no longer holds them in high reverence. She is grateful for their existence, but they’re hardly up on a pedestal either.


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