Re: “Solo,” Spoilers, & A Review

Here’s what I’m doing re “Solo:  A Star Wars Story” (out on Thursday) and this site:

1. I am not mentioning or posting spoilers until after June 4.

2.  Due to the toxic nature of fandom and what passes for discussion these days, I see no point at all to an open thread.  So there won’t be one.

3.  I will post my thoughts on the movie after I have seen it TWICE.   One thing I’ve learned from TLJ is that watching a Star Wars movie for the first time can be like witnessing a car accident.  There’s a lot you miss.

4.  I’m planning to see the movie May 29.  I might see it earlier but it’s dependent on what other family members want to do.  *Sigh.*  So a review might be up as early as May 29 or May 30 or it may be as late as June 4.  We shall see!

5.  No spoilers on the FB page until June 4.



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