“Solo” Premiere And About Those Rumors

Not that I got to go or anything but among the guests at Thursday night’s “Solo” premiere in Hollywood were Ewan McGregor, George Lucas, and Ray Park.



Yup, that’s Peter Mayhew too.


Other guests included Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, Lawrence Kasdan, and of course everyone directly involved with the film.

(I’m aware there’s a prequel-related spoiler in “Solo.” I will NOT discuss or post spoilers for now.)

On a related note, rumors are floating around again about an Obi-Wan spinoff film. So far the only source for this is Fantha Tracks, which is a fan site. Nothing has been confirmed yet by an official source. I’m not saying it isn’t true (they’re going to have to figure out soon what this third spinoff is going to be) but it’s not a done deal.

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