ROTS Star Words Part 3

“It’s not the Jedi way.”:

He was an unarmed prisoner, Anakin says. The Jedi don’t kill unarmed prisoners; they are not executioners. They will kill if necessary; if there is no other way to take down an enemy, but never unnecessarily, and never to satisfy their own bloodlust or vengeance.

But. This is an ideal. Do the Jedi really adhere to it? And should they? Palpatine offers two counterpoints to try to soothe Anakin’s conscience, to assure him that he has done nothing wrong. The first is that Dooku was too dangerous to be left alive. Leaving aside Palaptine’s ulterior motives as a Sith Lord looking to replace his apprentice, let’s consider that this argument may have some merit. Even without his hands, Dooku could still cause trouble, couldn’t he? He has tremendous skills in the Force; he’s devious and charismatic. Unarmed, perhaps, but harmless? Probably not. So maybe there are times when execution is the only option.


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