Star Words: End of AOTC, Beginning of ROTS

Last week, I’d missed the final AOTC Star Words installment in Matril’s Star Words series.

And here’s the first in her ROTS series:


This marvelous line can be enjoyed on at least four separate levels. First off, it’s a nice call-back to Han Solo’s line from the original film. When he says it, as they attempt to flee into hyperspace with several Star Destroyers in pursuit, it’s almost certainly sarcastic — though if Han didn’t enjoy danger at least a little, he wouldn’t have become a smuggler. What about Anakin?

That’s the second level. It’s a definite feature of his character that he delights in the thrill of battle. Just look at his face as he says the line. It’s in direct contrast to Obi-Wan’s attitude, who grumbles, “Oh, this is going to be easy” and “Blast; this is why I hate flying!” They’re both excellent fighters and pilots, hand-picked for this rescue mission, but they have very different demeanors about the whole ordeal. It makes them good counterparts in battle.

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