AOTC Star Words Part 28

I guess you can say this theme comes up again and again throughout the series:

Indeed. We’ve seen highly skilled Jedi performing extraordinary feats, but till now we could only guess what the great Yoda is capable of. Now, at last, he fights. And it’s exhilarating. His smaller size is irrelevant. He’s everywhere at once, virtually weightless, a little green blur.

And yet, still. “Wars not make one great.” The duel does not end on a jubilant, triumphant note. Dooku flees by playing dirty, forcing Yoda to choose between capturing him and protecting Anakin and Obi-Wan. It makes you wonder if he is thinking of this very conundrum when Luke is torn between finishing his training and rescuing his friends, asking if he must “sacrifice Han and Leia.” And Yoda firmly replies, “If you honor what they fight for, yes!”


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