AOTC Star Words Part 24: Sith Never Lie

Count Dooku drops some unwelcome news to Obi-Wan:

How carefully he phrases it. “What if I told you” makes it rhetorical, hypothetical, giving him wriggle room. He lets Obi-Wan voice his denials, then calmly offers more details — every one of them completely true. The name of the Sith Lord, his power over thousands of Senators — not a single lie. We don’t know for sure how much of his story about Viceroy Gunray is real, but I’m guessing it probably happened much as Dooku describes. The only thing he leaves out is the silly little fact that Dooku happens to be the apprentice of Darth Sidious.

What is his aim here? He asks Obi-Wan to join him (an echo of Vader’s call to Luke) claiming that they can destroy the Sith together. And again, I don’t think he’s bending the truth all that much. As a Sith, his ultimate goal is to train a new apprentice and overthrow his old master. He already invoked Qui-Gon, reminding Obi-Wan of their old Master-Padawan relationship, and implied that Qui-Gon would be on his side if he were still alive and knew what Dooku knows. That’s probably Obi-Wan’s most vulnerable spot, his loyalty to his old master. Dooku knows what he’s doing.



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