AOTC Star Words Part 23

Matril’s back with another look at pivotal moments in AOTC, this time when Padmé makes a reckless decision and well, Anakin just has to come along:

Wait, what’s going on here? Isn’t Anakin supposed to be the reckless, impetuous, out-of-control one? Isn’t Padmé the rational coolheaded type? Nope. From the beginning, she has been characterized as a figure guided as much by emotion as by intellect. Remember how Typho said he was worried about what she might end up doing as she left Coruscant to go into hiding? He knows her well.

In fact, that duality is so pronounced that it’s initially represented by two separate personas, queen and handmaiden. And though the duality is more subtle in later installments, it’s still very present. Her relationship with Anakin is fraught with the tension between obeying her rational, dutiful self or following the impractical yearnings of her heart.

In this regard she is very much like Anakin.


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