AOTC Star Words Part 18

Cliegg Lars accepts cold hard reality while Anakin doesn’t:

Now, at this point Shmi is still clinging to life and Anakin can sense it, so of course he’s not going to rest until he finds her. But she must die eventually. Ideally a child should outlive their parents, and even if Shmi lived a long and easy life it still must end at last. While it’s deeply unfair that she will die in his arms mere moments after their reunion, the healthy course is to learn to accept it. Cliegg isn’t happy that his wife was taken by the sandpeople; obviously not. He’s taken every reasonable measure to rescue her. But now he is coming to terms with her loss, and working through his grief. Anakin would have done well to follow his example, but alas. This will be his downfall.



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