AOTC Star Words Part 16

A rather interesting choice of a line few ever think about:

Consider some of his past words from this very same film. “Our judgment she must respect” he says of Padmé’s possible resistance to the Jedi’s plans for her to go into hiding. And “The Council is confident in its decision,” when Obi-Wan wonders if Anakin is ready for a solo assignment. So self-assured. Firm in his assumption that the Council knows what they’re doing. Hmm…

After Obi-Wan receives his orders to bring Jango Fett back to Coruscant and ends the transmission, Yoda is at least humble enough to acknowledge the Council’s blindness in their inability to sense the creation of the clone army. And then Mace mentions the startling fact that the Jedi’s ability to use the Force has diminished. He feels they ought to inform the Senate. Yoda disagrees, and believes that if anyone beyond the mysterious Sith Lord learns of their weakness, “Multiply, our adversaries will.”


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