AOTC Star Words Part 14

“A simple man trying to make my way in the universe”:

What a great scene this is. Obi-Wan is almost positive he knows who Jango is, and Jango must know that he knows, but neither of them will say it openly. Taun-We, meanwhile, is blissfully unaware of any underlying tension at all, and Boba keeps giving looks that say, “Who is this nosy guy, Dad? What’s his deal?”

Obi-Wan’s strategic questioning, and Jango’s evasive answers…the momentary glimpse of Jango’s armor, as you wonder whether Obi-Wan saw it, but really it makes little difference because it’s obvious Jango is hiding something…and then the marvelous pay-off we get later when the pretenses are gone and they engage in an awesome fight.


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