AOTC Star Words Part 13

Discussing politics at a picnic:

For just a few tense moments, the pleasant teasing mood evaporates, replaced with unease. As the audience we know what Anakin will become, and now we’re wondering if he’s already a supporter of extremist political ideologies, even before his fall. What does this mean for Padmé, who has devoted her entire life to democracy?

Then a smile sneaks onto Anakin’s face, and the tension dissipates into more teasing and laughter. As far as Padmé can tell, it was just another flirtatious exchange. By the end of this day, we’ll see that she’s fallen hard for Anakin, almost as intensely as he did for her.

But was Anakin only joking after all? Did he pretend it was a joke to deflect her concern, to avoid a contentious debate? His background is very different from Padmé, after all. She would have been raised and educated in a culture that celebrated democracy in all its aspects. Anakin, meanwhile, was hardly likely to have spent an enslaved childhood dreaming that the proper democratic procedures would free him and his mother. Surely he dreamt, instead, of rescue by a noble hero who made sure the right thing happened. Not by passively debating it in the halls of the Senate, but by taking action. Maybe that noble hero was someone else, someone wise. But maybe that noble hero was himself. “I dreamed I came back here and freed all the slaves.”


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