Ewan McGregor At Pre-TLJ Saga Marathon

Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre ran a marathon of Eps I-VII before debuting TLJ and appearing to introduce ROTS was none other than Ewan McGregor:



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13 Responses to “Ewan McGregor At Pre-TLJ Saga Marathon”

  1. Brian47 Says:

    Wow, just wow. And to think, I live so close to the El Capitan, I could’ve actually seen this for myself!

  2. ljones1966 Says:

    I live in the Hollywood area as well. If I had known . . .

  3. Stefan Kraft Says:

    * Obligatory “Give Ewan his Kenobi movie already” post *
    Anyway, this is great!

  4. Phen Says:

    I love obiwan. I love Star Wars. And I will not let George’s vision die in vain.

    The attack on the prequels has left me scared.

  5. lovelucas Says:

    I’m at a crossroads with Ewan. I’ve loved him and his Obi-Wan forever but the way he dumped his wife for a co-star – just ugh

    • lazypadawan Says:

      That was pretty unfortunate but all too common in a business where you spend long periods of time apart and long hours on set with very attractive people.

      • lovelucas Says:

        No excuses. You’re either in it forever or you’re not. What really gets to me is his wife hosted both of them for dinner – the other woman met the kids, met the wife, sat in the dining room, ate the food and while he watched it all go down. Shameful and heartless

    • PegliOne Says:

      Yeah, that’s why I mentally separate actors and characters. I also avoid paying attention to celebrity gossip because I would rather not know these things.

      Thankfully, Hayden is still monogamous (I think, LOL).

      It’s nice to know someone out there still believes in love. I’ve noticed that sentiment expressed more among prequel fans and I think it has to do with how traditional the Anakin-Padme romance is. The modern use-them-for-sex/fun-then-dump-them crowd can’t handle it.
      How can you marry someone without first knowing whether they can give you the best sex ever? That’s the most important thing, right?

      I’m not a big believer in expensive religious ceremonies, so I don’t plan on getting married (unless it’s at a very cheap price in front of only two droids the way Anakin and Padme do, except I’ll be wearing comfy clothes thanks), but romantic love means a lifelong commitment to one person, not chasing after whoever is the prettiest.

  6. lazypadawan Says:

    Oh I’m not excusing anybody, just pointing out what happens. If that’s how it went down then he’s going to get taken to the cleaners.

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