SyFy Says Padmé Is Genre’s Best Dressed Woman

As though anyone comes close:


But what makes Padmé so well-heeled is the sheer extra-ness she brings to the table. There is no occasion she cannot elevate. A casual dinner at your summer villa with a hunky Jedi bodyguard you probably shouldn’t hook up with but want to? A leather dress with a coy feathery capelet to capture the ambivalent mood. Concealing a pregnancy? Single-handedly make A-line hoop skirts a trend. And slip into something comfortable? Please, this is Padmé kriffing Amidala we’re talking about—you know that nightgown comes with beadwork and its own tiara.

H/T Naboo News


6 Responses to “SyFy Says Padmé Is Genre’s Best Dressed Woman”

  1. mes520 Says:


  2. ljones1966 Says:

    Of course Padme is the best dressed woman in the Sci-Fi genre. Who else would it be?

  3. Jacobesico Says:

    Trisha Biggar did a brilliant job on Padmé’s costumes. They are, in my opinion the most iconic costumes in the Prequels, if not the Lucas Saga. My favourite one has to be her Throne Room gown from The Phantom Menace.

  4. Kim Says:

    Nice to see Padme and Trisha Biggar’s costumes get some well-deserved appreciation.

  5. David Breslin Says:

    Even more impressive: for once, the writer of the piece didn’t feel the need to say “Of course, I don’t like the actual films. I don’t. OBVIOUSLY.”

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