Thrillist On The SuperShadow Saga

Naboo News caught Thrillist’s article on the prequel era’s purveyor of bogus spoilers, Super Shadow.  Remember him?  For the record, I generally avoided spoilers during the prequels but I knew NEVER to believe anything sourced from Super Shadow.  I used to roll my eyes at anyone citing this guy though he did manage to get a couple of (lucky) scoops.  I’m shocked his site was up until 2014!

SuperShadow made his mark in the climate of confusion that preceded the release of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Though much of “Dark Side Prequel Rumors” has disappeared from the web, several pages of the site — black text slapped against a hideous banana yellow background — remain. The earliest news item, dated December 23, 1993, states “Episode I is set 37-and-a-half years prior to Episode 4 (Source: Greg Brady, Roc-em Soc-em Robots, Chad.)” It’s vintage SuperShadow, a demonstrably false fact (The Phantom Menacetakes place 32 years before A New Hope) culled from the insider knowledge of a random source. In this case, the eldest Brady son, pugilistic toy robots, and a good chunk of Central Africa.

Mike Zeroh seems to have picked up the baton but even he’s nowhere near as outrageous as SuperShadow was.

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6 Responses to “Thrillist On The SuperShadow Saga”

  1. Jacobesico Says:

    I remember stumbling on him. He made a lot of absurd claims. I don’t look for The Last Jedi spoilers because I have zero interest in the movie, but I remembering grabbing every piece of detail I could when Revenge of the Sith was in production. The teaser trailer still gives me feels. Especially Anakin’s yellow eyes glaring at the camera.

  2. Keith Palmer Says:

    I told myself late in the 1990s I’d enjoy the new Star Wars movies more if I was surprised during them (despite how I’d read the storybooks, comic adaptations, and novelizations for TESB and RotJ long before I saw them on videotape), and made an effort to stay away from “insider reports” of any stripe. Still, I’ve long remembered turning up a “New Movies FAQ” the very first time I managed to look at the Star Wars Usenet newsgroup in 1994, which included a report from someone’s unnamed “source” saying the movies would include “the Millennium Falcon, Wookies, IG-88, IG-72, IG-55, IG-30, and IG-4 and The Mandalorian Shock Force of 100,000 soldiers”… The ambiguous thing is I can sort of see how that might be made to align with reality.

    I do have to admit that tomorrow I’ll be stopping my newspaper deliveries and trimming back what online sites I look at, and will have to hold out that way for over a week, as I only intend to see The Last Jedi once I get back to my home town movie theatre, the same way I managed to see the previous two Christmas-scheduled movies. There were fewer “pre-show” ads to sit through before.

  3. PegliOne Says:

    I’ve just been telling myself that every “spoiler” for The Last Jedi is bullshit. I think it will be easier to watch the film that way. I really hope that no one turns to the darkside, especially not Luke.

    I hate the insistence that everything be made dark and edgy. Yes, you need an element of darkness and conflict to make stories interesting, but it needs to be balanced with light and hope (which is why I love the very last scene of Revenge of the Sith, very Luke is delivered to his family on Tatooine).

    I suspect that if Luke or Rey turn to the darkside, they’ll return to the light by Episode IX (or whatever episode ends up being the last, who’s to say how long they will drag it out for). Otherwise the franchise will be ruined for me (yeah, I’m a moralistic weirdo, deal with it).

    • joe Says:

      yeah i’m getting tired of people wanting everything to be dark and gritty i think some of these so called fans are blood thirsty psychopaths who want everything to be grim and depressing we escapism now more than ever things are ba enough as it is in the real world don’t people go to movies to get away from real world problems?

    • Natalie Says:

      I’ve read a few spoilers because I don’t want to yell at the screen when something stupid happens (and I know it will since we’re dealing with Darth Mouse here). I come prepared 🙂

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