Nick Gillard Talks To Vulture About TPM’s Lightsaber Fight

Vulture is doing a prequels week and while I dread what else they’re going to post, this interview with Nick Gillard is fantastic. Gillard gives the inside skinny on TPM’s climactic lightsaber battle as well as other tidbits.

Three thoughts: one, it’s hard not to smile thinking of how this is easily one of the saga’s greatest moment, two, involving Ray Park and Gillard was genius, and Gillard captures the poignancy of not having Lucas around anymore.

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7 Responses to “Nick Gillard Talks To Vulture About TPM’s Lightsaber Fight”

  1. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Very interesting and detailed account on the filming of the lightsaber duel in “TPM”.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      I can only agree. And regardless of what you think of the Lucasfilm-Disney deal (and how it played out), I also agree that Gillard is on point.
      Nice to know that Gillard is from Brighton – I visited it last year.

  2. Natalie Says:

    Did you guys see the spoilers for TLJ? I knew they would do something horrible but now it’s been confirmed

  3. Timothy Eatough Says:

    I’ve always loved the fight scene since I was a little kid. Just watching the cutscenes on the website I got to see it with an understanding of what appeals to me as a (potential) director and what I thought of it’s presentation. It scored amazingly (yeah I know surprise surprise).

    It’s more or less obvious it took a lot of work to create, but: Developing a new sword-fighting style; Ray Park’s audition; choreographing with Park, McGregor, Neeson with a self-developed code; a high stunt fall (and apparently not even the highest in the industry); a jump stunt off plank of wood, a flying jedi via air ram; filming the somersault backwards. My seemingly endless admiration for these movies just grew a little more.

    Thanks for posting this. If I do ever go into film making, this will definitely be on the list of articles and essays I’ll read for ideas or just for plain inspiration.

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