So, What’s Been Going On?

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t been posting as much on SWPAS lately.  This is for many reasons.  Six or seven years ago, there was stuff going on all of the time largely due to Clone Wars.  Today it’s a little light in the prequels news department; some days there really isn’t much going on and I don’t feel like spending lots of time on minutia.  The good news is there are many more voices out there but I don’t have time to personally listen to every podcast or watch every video or post about every meme and fan art piece.  I’m not going to promote all of them either without knowing anything about them.

Other reasons include being busy, being unmotivated (there are several reasons for that too), and having a lot of problems with the state of fandom today.  I’ve never had an easy relationship with “fandom,” and I’m just beginning to understand why.  Furthermore, interacting with other SW fans on social media has become precarious within the past couple of years as people are mobbing up on other fans for reasons that have little or nothing to do with Star Wars at all.  Who wants to do or say anything in this kind of environment?

In short, I’m going to contemplate SWPAS’s future; right now that doesn’t mean shutting down but changing focus.  For now it’ll chug along as it has been until I figure out exactly what the new focus should be.


19 Responses to “So, What’s Been Going On?”

  1. Megan Says:

    While I’m sorry that anyone has to go through being abandoned by the franchise, I naturally enjoy having more and more people to relate to.

    I’ve also always hated the term “fandom” and felt that it encourages cliquishness, divisiveness, and more and more I feel the direction Star Wars goes also muffles individuals.

    I’ve always appreciated what you do and never been very interested in “Star Wars current events,” so while I’d encourage you to keep on focusing on and celebrating the original canon to 2014, I also recognize that may not be something that’s attractive to you. I guess I’ve always considered Star Wars a closed circle, and that’s why “news” bores me, so I guess my only real point is — there is absolutely an opening for reveling in and celebrating the joy of the Star Wars that already exists, irrelevant to the latest news.

    • PegliOne Says:

      I think the issue nowadays is that people are turning hobbies and interests into identities. Back when I was kid people would say that they liked reading/video-games/Star Wars. Now people say that they are “readers” or “gamers” (neither of which were ever used until recently) and “Star Wars” fans.

      The problem with these identities is that they cause people to turn criticisms and differences into personal attacks. Haven’t read a book recently? Then you’re not a “reader” and are obviously intellectually inferior (even if many books are empty depictions of sex/violence which are not much different to what you get on television). Think video games which encourage people to brutally murder innocent women are sexist? Then you must have a prejudice against “gamers”. People who are into these identity groups can’t separate criticisms of stuff they like from criticisms of them as people.

      These groups also have dogmas about how everyone should think. We’re all meant to like John Green’s books and hate Twilight (even if they’re all shallow teen romances), because that’s part of what being a “reader” means.

      Likewise hating the prequels is part of what being a Star Wars fan means to some people and those who don’t participate in this time-honored tradition are seen as traitors against the community. How can you be a Star Wars fan and not bemoan along with everyone else? Being a Star Wars fan isn’t about liking Star Wars! It’s about following a bunch of rules for proper thought and behavior that the internet made up (*obvious sarcasm*).

      I say the internet because I believe the Phantom Menace was well received when it first came out. Then the haters took to the Internet and ruined everything.

      • Megan Says:

        ::bow:: You have won the internet with that comment! I agree completely and can’t even add anything! Especially about The Phantom Menace, and really all prequels, being well-received at the time. On a personal level, I never knew prequel hate was a thing until almost 2010, and others I’ve spoken to seem to agree on 2008 really being the onset of what I tend to call “cultural anti-prequel hostility.”

        Well-worded insight, Master Scholar!

      • Nariel Says:

        This is a great post! I think you’ve gotten to the heart of the matter.
        I guess I’m not going to call myself a Star Wars fan anymore 🙂

  2. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Perhaps it would be interesting to find past articles and essays about the different aspects of the Prequel Trilogy. Or write more from your perspective. It doesn’t have to be about the trilogy as a whole. You know, like you’ve done in the past.

  3. Jacobesico Says:

    I’ve never been comfortable interacting with fellow Star Wars fans. They’re always complaining about something or other, whereas I want to enjoy Star Wars and the work that George Lucas put into the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

    This site has helped me connect with fellow fans who enjoy Star Wars and love the Prequels as much as I do. I’m glad I stumbled across this site.

  4. joe Says:

    please don’t shut down the swpas it’s one of the few places for me to go and not have to worry about prequel bashing

  5. Nariel Says:

    LP, I can understand your frustration with the fandom. Whatever you decide, I hope the SWPAS will still be around in some form. I’d also like to thank you for the work that you’ve done on the site so far. It’s one of the few SW-related sites I visit on a regular basis.

  6. Keith Palmer Says:

    I suppose it’s because I understand how a lot of us might have our own issues with what the noisy voices say are “the fandom” that I want to make my own selfish plea for this site to continue. If it did stop being updated and we couldn’t exchange these messages among ourselves, I suppose I still wouldn’t revert to supposing myself the only person in the world who could see worth to a six-movie saga, but I’d probably head further towards largely ignored and definitely non-Star Wars corners of “the fantastic”… Anyway, I did just watch my way through the saga for this year, starting with Rogue One only to think it might have appealed to me a little bit less than it did the first time I saw it, and wrapping around in “production order” to think there was something satisfying about getting to The Phantom Menace in turn. Unfortunately, I still don’t feel much interest or enthusiasm about continuing that order past Revenge of the Sith…

  7. Adam Says:

    For someone that has been accused on multiple occasions of being a “Lucas apologist” and more recently told it was irritating because “cunts like me worship him like a god”; I am still trying to forgive Lucas for selling out to Disney.

    But LP, I think your helping me make a correlation that will help me on my way. If something your doing ceases to bring you pleasure and comfort, you should really re-evaluate the time and effort you spend doing it.

    I think this is the conclusion George came to and in turn, alot of us “fans” are doing the now. If you enjoyed it when it was good and got something out of it, no one can ever invalidate that. Just as George did all that work for himself first, as it should be; the chance the later generations just didn’t get it or appreciate doesn’t change the fullfillment he got out of creating it. The same goes for me and my enjoyment of it. And now if what comes later ceases to give me enjoyment or causes me stress, then I’ve got to let it go.

    It sounds so corny but George’s dialogue for Yoda was sooo spot on…”you’ve got to learn to let go of those things you fear the most to lose!”

    Nothing can take away what you got out of SW! Those feelings and memories are there to be revisited anytime. It truely is a great time to be alive!

    I just think George said screw it, this doesn’t make me happy any more so he found other horizons to explore and other fullfillments to be sought.

    I’m sure it was natural to have some momentary pangs of regret, but certainly doesn’t look like he isn’t enjoying his life outside SW!
    I’m sure it was also a little scary for him at first…adjusting to retirement, but I think he figured out that life is so much more than your “work”.

    And if Star Wars is so much more than just a pop-corn flick, then its logical to conclude that the appreciation goes well beyond one diminsional fandom.

    At least I think Spock would agree 😉

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Well said.

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      It is one of my favorite scenes and the original line is “Train yourself to let go of everything your fear to lose.” You rendition sounded rather clunky and I know you probably didn’t mean it this way, but I am just traumatized and can’t stand the word corny anywhere near Lucas’ amazing dialogue.

  8. Anticitizen One Says:

    I echo many of the other posters. Please keep it going. I check this site all the time for PT centered news. It’s especially great because you’re an A/P shipper like me.

    Haters gonna hate. The tide is turning against them.

  9. Moose Says:

    You have already done us all a great service so please do what makes you happy.

  10. jayoungr Says:

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on your difficult relationship with fandom. I’m ambivalent about it myself, but I can’t really put my finger on why, so I’d love to hear from someone else who’s in a similar place.

  11. Kim Says:

    I have enjoyed the site and reading your thoughts, and those of other prequel fans, for many years, but you should do what brings you joy, not misery.

  12. Lauu Santos Says:

    Rage against other Star Wars fans? You mean against the Original Star Wars fans? I have a lot to do with that, I haven’t stop posting since you ban me from this place, at difference of you I have no issues by going by the mean necessaries, things have changed since the last convention, now the Prequels fans have more leverage, and most of the Fandom really hates Disney now, of course, ignoring the Original Star Wars fans, because they always would love Disney, more now that is their special club, and I wont stop until of what remains of the Original Star Wars fans get crushed, and Disney Star Wars movies end into the dust.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Read my post about changing ISPs and trying to get around moderation/bans. On thing I may do soon is shut down comments. I’M TIRED OF BEING A DAMN BABYSITTER.

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