Video Featuring Every Naboo Monarch

Star Wars Explained goes over every Naboo monarch from films, t.v., games, comics, and books:


2 Responses to “Video Featuring Every Naboo Monarch”

  1. ljones1966 Says:

    According to the Wookiepedia website, all of the novels – whether they were set before the Original Trilogy or not – are no longer considered canon are now considered “Legend”. Apparently, Disney intends to retcon all of the material approved by Lucas – aside from the six films he had made and “The Clone Wars” TV series. So, the only Naboo rulers that are still considered canon are Padme, Jamillia, Neeyutnee and Apailana.

    • Nariel Says:

      Yes, but as far as I know, the new books published after the declaration of the old EU as “Legends” are supposed to be canon.

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