Star Words AOTC Part 6 & 7

Matril focuses on advice Padmé gives to Anakin:

There is so much that she could be saying with these wistful words. Considering how early Padmé herself entered the world of politics, she might be mourning the loss of an ordinary childhood and youth. She could as well say, “I speak from experience. Enjoy it while you can; it’ll be gone all too soon.”

And their friendship began when Anakin was still a boy. She remembers that boy very fondly, and would not want him to be entirely swallowed up by adult cares and concerns. She values the innocence, the kind-heartedness and eagerness, that are associated with youth. Adults tend to be cynical and self-serving. She’s certainly seen enough of that in the political arena. She wouldn’t wish for Anakin to enter that world in a hurry.

But then, also, she couldn’t possibly have failed to notice that Anakin is not a little boy any longer. At the very least he has grown up in the literal sense, as she acknowledged at their initial reunion. Moments earlier, she acknowledged his emotional maturation as well. So why would she have any reason to deny that, to plead with him not to grow up too fast? Very likely, an unconscious need to suppress the subtle glimmerings of romantic interest that he is sparking. A romance is not in her plans; certainly not with a Jedi, not with the little boy she knew on Tatooine. But as Anakin rises to full height and gazes down at her, it’s hard to deny the sparks.

Update: I forgot about Part 6, posted 11/2:

What kind of mindset must a person have to call the murder of another person “just a job”? It’s not the same kind of villainy as Nute Gunray, who demanded the assassination to satisfy his lust for vengeance; nor Dooku, who arranges the job in a bid to gain more power. It’s very pragmatic. She does the work; she gets the money. All it takes is the casual taking of someone else’s life.


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  1. joe Says:

    you forgot part 6

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