Are There Prequel Fans In High Places?

Joel passed along this latest video from Collider’s Jedi Council.  Normally I avoid it because it’s been a prequel bashfest but not so much with this group.  What’s interesting is what they reveal about Kathleen Kennedy:

The relevant bit is about 26 minutes in and it goes on about two or three minutes.


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36 Responses to “Are There Prequel Fans In High Places?”

  1. rynnbowers Says:

    It’s interesting to see how she says one thing in an article during the force awakens release, saying she wants to remake them, but yet turns around and says she lives the prequels.

    Either way, loved the party with the guy saying we need to make room for all of us. Prequels fans that grew up with them…myself…and ot fans and St fans. There is star wars enough for us all and for everyone to like the films in their own way and for their own reason. We shouldn’t be at each others throats bashing something we all care deeply for.

    • Žiga P. Škraba Says:

      Hm, pretty sure she never said that she wants to remake the prequels. Maybe it was a joke or something. I’d definitely have to see that to believe it .

      • rynnbowers Says:

        Oh no she flat out said it an article awhile back before force awakens came out. I posted a link in the old thread with it, cause I was pissed. Also seeing at the celebration everything was all ot all the time no prequel talk really pushed me over the edge. I took to the forums and did my best to put up the good fight for the prequels, sadly I was outwitted and outmatched.

      • Anthony NN Says:

        It was a fake article

      • jayoungr Says:

        As I remember it, she said something like “Maybe we might consider remaking the prequels someday,” not “I want to remake the prequels ASAP.” But I wasn’t able to find the exact quote when I went digging for it a while back; anyone have a link?

    • lovelucas Says:

      I was at that Celebration. She showed zero reverence for the prequels or George Lucas. None at all. Totally in the fanboys corner.

    • andywylde77 Says:

      Even if hypothetically KK said she did want to remake the PT, chances are it would be so shallow and completely devoid of meaning and substance. It would most likely just be 3 films of suited Vader “Voorheesing” his way through exiled Jedi. And just Vader showing off his amazing piloting skills. I know this probably won’t ever happen(thank goodness) but it also wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

      But I personally feel that the PT will be left as is and that is they way it should be. I think there are way more people out there that appreciate them as opposed to those who hate them.

  2. outoftheloveofpi Says:

    I listened as well. It’s so good to hear that our beloved Prequels are finally getting their due respect. I think one of the biggest things was the warm reception Mr. Anakin himself got a few months back at Celebration, and how his autograph session sold out in a matter of minutes. Not everyone hates ‘em; I actually have a feeling more people like them than the Collider interviewer from a few years back, who interviewed the cast and crew of TFA, or Simon Pegg, or John Campea would have everyone believe. When I think Star Wars, and I love all of it, my first and brightest thoughts are The Phantom Menace, and I grew up with the OT in the 80’s. I don’t think I’m alone…

  3. Jacobesico Says:

    I’ve been feeling more heartened after hearing about the backlash to that Mojo video.

    It’s great to see more Prequel references. Naboo in “Battlefront 2” looks beautiful.

  4. timontatooine Says:

    Ken Napzok is great. Back when he and Maude Garrett first started Jedi Alliance, they were both pretty anti-prequel, so it was a bit hard to watch. But ever since they started having Joseph Scrimshaw on the podcast, and they started getting more and more young fans and other prequel lovers watching and messaging in, Ken really mellowed and came to appreciate many things about the prequels. It was so neat to watch him progress from a bit of a hater into one of the most accepting voices in Star Wars “geek media”.
    He also read out a tweet of mine once on the show so maybe I’m a bit biased XD

  5. Kathleen Kennedy reportedly stood for the Prequels at a press line | Naboo News Says:

    […] From Collider Videos (via Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society): […]

  6. andywylde77 Says:

    I watched the interview and thought it was pretty nice. The guy with the glasses definitely has the right and positive attitude. But the ones who bash them non stop for years is something I always found rather strange. I mean a lot of the high profile bashers really make it seem like those films touched them in their private places or something. I have never seen any level of hate for a set of movies in my life. I know I am preaching to the choir and this is old news, but when it still goes on to this day, it really begs a lot of questions about where these people’s thought process is?

    I seen the trailer for 8 and I really like what I see. I didn’t like 7 but enjoyed RO. I want to be excited for a new SW movie again. 8 seems to be doing the trick for me. So I am putting all my reservations I had for 7 aside and want to see 8 without any bias or stuff like that. Having Abrams for 9 is really making me nervous. I am not a fan of his stuff and what he did with 7 is what makes me nervous. But I hope LFL sticks to their guns and make 9 tie all the trilogies together.

    But when they made 7 they said how they needed to rehash or use plot points from the OT to introduce SW to the new generation. This is, as anyone who isn’t blind can see that move had nothing to do with the “new generation!” TFA was made to appease the whiny older generation who wanted the PT to be another trilogy of rebels vs. empire. This new trilogy is proof of that. But I am hoping 8 changes the game and introduces something new. Because I find it funny how LFL and Disney basically said with TFA, “we were being cheap and unoriginal with 7 but now we are going to be original with the next 2!”

    Also one thing to keep in mind is that Collin T. the previous director for 9 said this,“By the time we get to Episode IX, I look at that movie as one movie, as three movies, as six movies, and as nine movies. It’s something that needs to honor a story that has been told over a period of 40 years… I don’t want to ignore any of it, and I respect all of it. It’s something I think the fanbase is going to embrace.”

    And he was also fired. Was he fired over creative differences? Or was it because he didn’t want to follow what Disney and LFL told him to do? We may never know.

    • Michael Kelly Says:

      Andy.. It’s Mikeximus from that forum that shall not be named! Good to see your still around!

      • andywylde77 Says:

        Oh hey Mike! Glad to see you too. Yeah I went off their for a while but I went back to see what was going on and I didn’t like it. They banned the term Mary Sue? Now I think Rey fit the bill on that one, but for it to be banned is pretty bad. That to me says there was a lot of truth to it. I basically didn’t even post anything because I probably would have been banned I am sure. Because I see that the usual trolls were still living in the PT forums. And in the new movies forum if you say anything negative about the new films, you are basically attacked. But I am really not up for criticizing TFA anymore. I said all that needs to be said. I really want to see 8 in the theaters this time. I have already expressed concerns about 8 rehashing 5. There is some stuff I seen and drew conclusions to that lead me to believe that. But I will give it a fair chance and hope that my concerns don’t become a reality.

        But anywho, glad to see you here!

      • Natalie Says:

        Good to see you Mike. You, Cryos and a few others wee the highlights of the prequels forum. Now it’s just that sycophant Darth Down Under.

        By the way is it just me but all TLJ trailers give me the impression of something too dark but not in a good way, more like dull or drab (other than that splash of red color). Even that Irish (?) location which must be gorgeous in real life seems too muted. The first six had their share of bleak moments (for the characters) but still managed to look vibrant.

        The other thing is the much lauded use of the real locations: all fine and dandy but Lucas had a knack of taking deserts and forests and making them look both familiar and otherwordly. TFA made me think it was happening somewhere on Earth rather than in the GFFA. R1 was better but still not on the same level as pre-Disney.

      • Slicer87 Says:

        Good to see you Mike. Have not been to that forum for a while myself but they banned Mary Sue? That is just weak. I wish DD would go back fighting over “guzzoline” in the Outback.

    • maychild Says:

      I have to wonder about the psyches of people who hate the prequels with every fiber of their being…but continue to devote so much time to them, even 12 years after the last one was released, and 18 years after the first one was released. Not only that, most if not all of them saw each prequel repeatedly in the theaters and bought them on DVD and/or Blu-Ray. And they continue to watch them.

      Some of them try to get around it by saying they “hate watch” them. Or they try to prove what cool geeks they are by pointing to the Red Letter Moron reviews and say that Plinkett destroys them so well, and his videos are so much more entertaining than the movies. One said to me, “There’s no point in me watching the movies to bash them with my friends again, since he does it so brilliantly.” I asked, “What was the point of watching the movies to bash them with your friends all the previous times? I don’t spend as much time on the prequels as you apparently have, and I like them.” No answer from the git, aside from an exceedingly clever, and so original, remark about me performing a sex act with Lucas. The git also ignored it when I pointed out that their precious Plinkett actually bragged about going to see TPM, a movie he already knew he hated, thus putting more money into the pocket of Lucas, a man he despises, during its 3-D release…and then further bragged that he’d walked out on it.

      Given the bashers’ worship of Plinkett (while they turned around and accuse anyone who likes the prequels of worshipping Lucas, without any irony) and reliance on his stupid videos to “prove” they’re right about the prequels, it was highly amusing when Plinkett absolutely hated “Rogue One” and ripped it to shreds. Suddenly, he was an idiot and had no taste, and the bashers pretended they’d never treated him like some kind of deity and cited his reviews.

      • andywylde77 Says:

        Well Maychild, I totally agree! Plinkett is a name I have not thought about in a long time. I tried watching his TFA review and 90% or better was whining about the PT. I tried thinking to myself, when is the review of the film in question going to rear its head? I am surprised he bashed RO? I thought he would have loved that. But I bet he did it because he took the baby gloves to TFA so he tried to save face by bashing RO. So he alienated fans with his TFA review while getting them back and alienating other fans with his RO review! This is the kind of lunacy you see in Looney Tunes cartoons. You can’t make this up.

        But I do very much question the psyche of these bashers that have been on this over loaded band wagon for far too long. The only other movies I see get this much hate is the DC comics movies. Well post Nolan anyway. But it seems that the people who hate the PT are the ones that seem to talk and whine about them more than anyone! We get it, Jar Jar and kid Anakin sucks. Blah blah blah etc. Most of what these peole hate about the films are usually tied to a fundamental misunderstanding of the films. They whine about trade negotiations. Trade negotiations that never took place anywhere in the films. So right there they hate it based on something that didn’t actually happen. But in the real world we have things like China putting trade sanctions with N. Korea but I guess to these people this real life stuff is boring and isn’t important enough. But hey the Naboo have an entire planet so why would they need trade? Well N. Korea is an entire country, why would they need to trade with China? See? These bashers are like the Terminator. They can’t be reasoned with, can’t be bargained with etc.

        But as I said and I stand by this, is that this is all about some folks not getting the same thing over again. Proof? TFA! Rebels vs. Empire, no Jedi order, A lone Jedi master living alone in isolation, a fallen Jedi turned to the dark side by being seduced by a Sidious wanna be. I could go on but I believe the point was made. Now 8 to me looks to be pretty good. I am hoping it is. I want to actually be excited for a SW film again since the last time in 2005. This film will be the tell tale sign as to who really is making the film. Johnson or Disney and LFL?

  7. Michael Kelly Says:

    Too bad what they’re preaching isn’t what LFL is practicing. We have seen the subversive campaign that LFL used to assure a specific segment of the fans that TFA wasn’t going to be anything like the Prequels. Kathleen Kennedy herself made a comment that fans needn’t worry about the Han Solo movie because they weren’t going to introduce us to a ten year old Han Solo. Gee, I wonder what point she was trying to make there?

    This is the first time I’ve ever watched this “show” but I get the feeling they aren’t the best example of objectivity. Furthermore the qualifier that only the “best” of the Prequels be brought back shows again that the inclusion of the Prequels has to be done thru a filter so as to not offend that specific segment of the fans.

    • maychild Says:

      The Han Solo movie looks like it’s going to suck anyway, so KK shouldn’t be too proud of herself for not showing him as a 10-year-old, which supposedly was what “ruined” Vader, as the whiny bashers claimed.

      • Michael Kelly Says:

        Exactly! Her little reference about not showing Han as a 10 year old is a perfect example of how LFL/Disney plays to a specific segment of the fandom. One can see that thru various articles, soundbites, and the convention panels, there was an obvious and purposeful campaign to take all the “bad” things about the Prequels that have been repeated over and over and over for the last 12 to 17 years by the fandom, and turn them into a campaign of “for the fans”.

      • andywylde77 Says:

        Yeah I am not too big on this Solo movie. It will be just a checklist of how Han got to where he is in ANH. I am sure they will have him say some of his famous quotes from the OT. They will show him meeting Chewie. Gambling with Lando and winning the Falcon and whatever else one could think of.

        RO worked because of the end battle. To me anyway. But the character were OK. Though they really didn’t have an arc. They were all just along for the ride. I didn’t like the fact that Jyn was the one who had to try and convince the Rebels to do something. This person(Jyn) with no real ties to the rebellion had to be the one to tell the Rebels to do something. The same Rebellion that knows how dangerous the Empire is. It made them look weak and pathetic. Just like the New Republic in the ST didn’t want to take the FO seriously until they were completely blown away.

        How much does anyone want to bet that in the Solo movie that he ends up doing something with the Alliance? Even though in ANH he told Leia that he wasn’t in it for her cause but only for the money? Just like people who want an Obi Wan movie post ROTS. I seen this quote the other day, “I want an Obi Wan movie set decades after the purge!” Now does anyone see what is wrong with that quote? Here is the reality. Obi Wan’s story was told in the movies. He was raised from infancy to adulthood in the Jedi temple. Fought in the Clone wars. Fought Vader. Took Luke to his aunt and uncle. Stayed on Tatooine as a hermit until the events of ANH. Now, where is there any room for a story of a film? I don’t understand why people would want to destroy a character just for 2 hours of screen time? The same will most likely happen to Han Solo.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        I had a similar sort of “well, the space battles were pretty good” feeling about Rogue One as I got around to watching my Blu-Ray of it last weekend (which made just the second time I’ve seen the movie, counting seeing it at a movie theatre last Christmas), but I can see the point made about the characters (although as I watched my Blu-Ray, I got to wondering if some of them sacrificed themselves just to tell the Rebels out in space to do something they were already trying to do… maybe that just echoes the smug “this settles that” efforts to poke “plot holes” in the actual saga movies, though). Too, the Rebels having to be goaded into action has an uncomfortable resonance to me as well to what the New Republic did or didn’t do in TFA until things went bad…

        Perhaps I can understand a little better now the complaints along the lines of “I had a really great mental image of the backstory, and then I got this”; whatever ideas George Lucas had to restart and continue the saga can be just about anything we want them to be. Anyway, I don’t have quite as much enthusiasm for The Last Jedi as some people here, and an unfortunate lack of determination to go see Solo right now.

      • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

        Geek Media needs to stop calling the Solo movie a “spin-off”. It’s not a spin-off, it’s a prequel.

        Temple of Doom is not a spin-off of Raiders of the Lost Ark, it’s a prequel. There is only one returning character from ROTLA in TOD…but he’s the main character!

        A spin-off should revolve around a supporting character or group of characters and/or a plot thread that is divergent to the main narrative.

        Rogue One revolved around mostly new characters that were part of a larger group that the audience was familiar with. That is spin-off material, not prequel or sequel material. Unfortunately, the plot just retold the opening crawl of A New Hope. I didn’t need to be see that story play out because I just read it at the beginning of ANH in the opening crawl! WTF Disney?!

        Rogue One was not really a spin-off, just another prequel. It was Episode 3.5. Solo is not a spin-off, it is Episode 3.4. This is just getting silly.

  8. Matthew Says:

    The video doesn’t really sell me on their intention that they intend to truly unify all the Star Wars movies. I do agree there is enough Star Wars for all of us to like, but at this point I just feel like the intent to bring “the best of the prequels” is just lip service. I wish the makers of the new movies would understand the mythology running through the entire saga and not just make a movie based on marketing statistics!

    • andywylde77 Says:

      Exactly! And I don’t understand what they mean by “the best” of the PT? I mean is there just s few select sequences of them that are universally the best? I don’t know? But what is funny is that this new trilogy is based on ALL of the 2 trilogies. The OT is connected to the PT in so many ways that the new movies don’t even have to mention any references to the PT because they are connected just by default. But what I have seen with TFA is that the mythology and symbolism is sorely lacking that the previous 2 trilogies had in droves!

      Now maybe episode 8 may be a different story. Just the fact that Luke is in it and he will be teaching Rey will add a lot to the mythical aspect that TFA was missing. I hope it does. And Rian Johnson seems to be up to the task of doing it. I trust him more than Abrams. I didn’t really know of Johnson before he got the gig to direct 8. But I checked out some of his films, and I really enjoyed most of them. Especially The Brothers Bloom. So I really want to put my faith in him as the director and as to what he has said in the past about his appreciation of the PT.

  9. jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

    They will tie-in the PT by having a random Pau’an or Nautolan walk by in the background. Maybe some brief mention in passing of a PT battle or planet. They will then tell us this proves how much they really love the prequels.

    And Colin Trevorrow was fired because geek media didn’t like him. Disney doesn’t want the media saying anything negative about their cash cow. So they brought back the master of cut and paste because originality is bad for business.
    “…I think I always like the originals better than the reboots. Because the reboots to me just feel like J.J. Abrams mashups, just take the highlights, ‘What do people like about E.T.? Let’s take flying bikes’.. what could you do? You couldn’t really reboot that.” – Henry Thomas on the idea of an E.T. reboot.

  10. Moose Says:

    These folks sound a bit like Watto: “Prequels, ah? Yes we have lots of that.” The difference is that Watto did not sound real sincere, but he was. The Disney folks sound sincere, but . . .

  11. ctrent29 Says:

    I never had a problem with the characters of “Rogue One”. The movie was a stand alone, not part of a trilogy. I understood this. Nor did I have a problem with Jyn being the one to tell the Rebel Alliance to get off their collective asses. I didn’t mind the Rebel Alliance being portrayed in an ambiguous light. How could I, when I enjoyed how the Jedi Council was portrayed in a similar manner.

    To me, “Solo” is just another stand alone film. I don’t see the point in labeling all of these stand alone films as prequels or sequels. I mean, since they are a part of the saga, it’s only natural they would have some narrative connection to the films we are familiar with.

    • joe Says:

      thank you i’m getting annoyed with the potshots towards rogue one it at least adknowleged the prequels unlike the farce awakins and george himself gave the film his seal of approval of course that’s just my opinion and where approaching the 5 year anniversary of the disney deal which some idiots say saved star wars because lucas is no longer involved i say f*** them sorry for the language may the force be with you

  12. Jason Says:

    I grew up with the old school though technically I was just a little boy(saw Jedi in theaters at age 3). Those toys people mock George for and say he’s a sell out made me a fan. This may be off topic but I’d like to see the other Skywalker.The other hope mentioned by Yoda to Obi-Wan on Daghobah and by the other Skywalker mentioned by the Whills to Yoda on the Clone Wars series The one mentioned in an 85-86 edition of Starlog when they were still discussing the ST(though originally George wanted Luke to train a sister I think he dropped that when Princess Leia became his sister but I remember reading the premise of Lucas’ future ideas in the interview the ST was going to focus heavily on the force). See growing up during the in between years gave different perspectives. I enjoyed the PT, loved Revenge of the Sith. Liked all the politics but I was 18-24 when they came out so those are ages you naturally take an interest in politics. As opposed to being in my late 30’s where I gripe about the tv show Supergirl’s unnecessary politics and want pure fantasy from the show (One of the major reason old schoolers bash PT they just wanted escapism which they got from expaneded universe books even if they refuse to admit it, also many follow the cult of Han Solo). I haven’t liked Disney’s movies 7 ripped off my favorite Star Wars film big time and had no Jedi or Luke in it. Not a huge fan of non-Skywalker cannon excluding the Ewok movies I enjoyed as a boy (though not big on them nowadays). But if Ms. Kennedy is a lover of George’s PT work, does that include the Clone Wars cartoon (which got cancelled soon after acquisition, arguably due to ratings but with Disney who knows) cause if so I’m not certain I’ll get the other Skywalker Yoda mentioned.I would not care if it’s Rey, Poe, or Carrie Fisher’s kid. I’d just like to feel like I’m watching George’s vision. From what I understand Lucas had the other Skywalker ( Anakin’s grand niece/nephew) in his new stories he gave to Disney or so I read shortly around the time TFA came out. I’m just an old schooler loyal to the Skywalker saga. That man without the glasses said 9 would be a good way to end the Skywalker story. Is this what Lucasfilm is planning to do erase the Skywalker loyalists from their fan base? I know Star Wars has many worlds but there is a huge faction that loves the Anakin/Luke&Leia story and to be honest I thought Adam Driver as the conflicted grandchild of Anakin Skywalker was the best thing about the TFA. Business wise taking out the Skywalkers is not the wisest idea. Also it makes me worry that they want to wrap up Lucas’ vision without remotely trying to explore his ideas so they can create their next Marvel Universe seeing Infinity War movies will probably put an end to that ride (just a hunch). Those comments had me worried. I did like the trailer for the Last Jedi and I actually like the director so maybe theirs hope.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      The other was Leia.

      • Jason Fanning Says:

        Not necessarily true remember the first episode I draft the Beginning had Qui-Gon and Smhi having an actual relationship. I think the other was always supposed to be somebody different. George just changed his mind on the siblings in Jedi because he planned on retiring from Star Wars for awhile.

      • andywylde77 Says:

        LP is right, Leia was the other. This was made explicitly clear in TESB. Even if Lucas changed his mind, this was the end result that actually did happen. But even with Kylo Ren being a half Skywalker, he still continues the legacy. And I am sure he will last the entire duration of the new trilogy and most likely will turn to the light side in the end. Because originally Lucas wanted to have Luke train his sister in earlier stories from the next trilogy after the OT. But this was when Lucas was in charge. Now Disney may be thinking that Leia wasn’t the other one spoken of by Yoda? Maybe they are going with Rey as the other? But how could Yoda know of the other before she even existed? I don’t know I am just spouting out questions here. But I will always believe and know that Leia was the other.

      • Jason Says:

        When Yoda says to Obi-Wan as Luke leaves Dagobah “No there is another” he wouldn’t have said that had Ben known who the other was. It’s safe to say Lucas changed his mind alot. But I think he had a secret Skywalker planned after he made the prequels. Based off observation from the Clone Wars cartoon last episode. And a few comments made very early on after TFA release by Lucasfilm or former Lucasfilm employees. Still considering Disney has yet to make an actual Star Wars film. I’m not holding my breath on this theory. Just looking for thoughts.

  13. Jonathan Bowen Says:

    It’s interesting I went to the Star Wars Celebration before TFA and I was kind of dreading it a little bit before because I always love the Celebrations, but just had that nervous feeling it would grow tiring running into prequel haters. I figured there would be dozens and dozens I would encounter and either have to just bite my lip or get my heart rate up engaging them. Again. And again. But the weirdest thing happened… I didn’t meet one! Not the entire time. I don’t know if I was just ridiculously lucky or there really aren’t THAT many of them. They’re definitely a tiny minority group – no matter how much the media shouts or acts like they’re the vast majority. I talked with many fans because I went alone to this, so I wasn’t insulated in a bubble. I kept talking to people about everything Star Wars and didn’t hear any snarky remarks like “god hope this doesn’t suck like the prequels” or whatever. I had such a great time at the Celebration; it seemed like the only negative was how obvious it was LFL was catering to these idiots. I don’t appreciate that at all. The prequels were enormously successful well loved movies, so don’t try to bury them at our own Celebrations!

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