Star Words & More TPM Love

Matril is getting close to the end of TPM with her series with Qui-Gon’s final words:

Does Obi-Wan believe at this point that he is the Chosen One? Maybe not. I think he wants to believe it, because otherwise Qui-Gon wasted his last words and last wishes. He’s certainly going to honor that dying wish with all his might.

And here we have the establishment of an awfully shaky apprenticeship for Anakin. Obi-Wan, barely done being a Padawan himself, driven not by any particular connection to Anakin but out of devotion to his lost master; charged with the training of possibly the most important potential Jedi who ever lived. No big deal. No major issue if he fails, except perhaps the Force falling permanently out of balance. But Qui-Gon begged for his promise — there’s that word again! — and Obi-Wan is determined to follow through.

Meanwhile, the Star Wars Show invited on NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney who says TPM is his favorite SW film:

Finally, the Ministry of Cinema updated with a short trailer billing a new episodic series based off its documentary “The Prequels Strike Back.” The first episode will be up on Oct. 6:

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24 Responses to “Star Words & More TPM Love”

  1. ReuniclusBlob Says:

    Lazy what do you think of I hate Everything rant on the prequels he treated them as if they should not exist for me that vid of him was really uncalled for

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I don’t care about that stuff.

    • NickyKnickers Says:

      I’d say don’t put too much stock on that. The Prequels Strike Back showed that prequel-realism is mainstream enough that the whining and bashing is going out of style. And this particular vid is from a guy called “I hate Everything” after all…

  2. Darthqui-gon Says:

    On the Rebels season 3 doc Dave confirms that Anakin is indeed the Chosen One.

  3. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    J.J. Abrams is directing Episode IX? Oh God.

  4. Moose Says:

    I love how the interviewer tries to get Blaney to equate race car drivers with X-Wing pilots, as opposed to pod racers. Especially since he had just told her that TPM was his favorite.

  5. matt Says:

    TPM is also my favourite, as it was the first Star Wars film I ever saw, in the cinema, when I was 8.

    The Prequels are MY Star Wars.

    On a sadder note, looks like I’m skipping IX, I hate JJ Abrams with a fiery passion. Full on Sith-lightning bringing hatred.

    • joe Says:

      what’s even worst is that websites such as screen rant cinemablend syfy and whatculture (all prequel hating scum)are kissing his a** saying he’s the best choice for episode 9 best choice? the best choice is a man who told a crowd at comic-con that only the ot is canon? a man who has a friend in prequel hating scumbag simon pegg who compared what lucas did with the prequels to infanticide ? a man who destroyed all the character devolpement of the ot with one of the worst happy ending overrides imaginable? (granted some of this was also the work of lawrence kasdan who destroyed han and leia’s romance because he threw a fit about how it was filmed from his script) i have no intention of seeing episode 9 i will not support prequel hating scumbags like abrams pegg kasdan and kennedy they have been disresectful towards lucas and true fans of star wars (she doesn’t have a good track record with directors so far)lucas will one day be vindicated it’s already getting started sorry for the long rant may the force be with you

      • matt Says:

        Well said!

        I completely agree! I was horrified when Simon Pegg got a cameo role, considering what he said about the Prequels.
        Lawrance Kasdan (a bit like Kennedy) only got where they are by sniffing Lucas’ and Speilberg’s jockstraps.

        I honestly don’t think Abrams understands the story of Star Wars at all. Nor do I believe he’s ever re-watched his own beloved OT from he was a kid – judging by the gaping, canyon-wide plot holes in TFA. Honestly, has he even seen RoTJ?

        So many dumb decisions. Why isn’t Leia a Jedi? Speaking of Leia, why are she and Han divorced??
        Han is STILL just a smuggler, despite once being a General leading a strike team in the Battle of Endor.
        Where’s the new Jedi Order?
        They even had to retcon the Stormtroopers being Clones idea because of the Finn character. Unbelievable!
        I could write all day about the total screw-up that film was.

        The OT on its own is overly simplistic in my view… it NEEDS the Prequels to give it the depth, lore, and character that all good mythologies need.

        Like the fight between Vader and Obi-Wan in Episode IV – to me, is so much more enhanced by their friendship, brotherhood, and Anakin’s ultimate betrayal shown in the PT.

        Abrams’ big flaw is thinking Star Wars is a Sci-Fi flick, all about spaceships and laser swords. But he’s wrong. It’s a mythos, like the Greek tragedies and Shakespeare – a soap-opera fantasy with the backdrop of a faraway galaxy.

      • joe Says:

        good points all around

      • Darthqui-gon Says:

        I totally agree joe. I’m with ya there. Well said! 🙂

      • joe Says:

        thank you

  6. KirkMan1701 Says:

    Pew Pew Abrams; what to do about him, he both trashed Star Trek TOS with his Nu-Trek abominations and performs prequel-bashing/ignoring in his two “Star Wars” movies. Abrams is a personification of what I fear within the old-school Star Wars fandom, addiction to lowbrow pew pew action and pushing aside anything they feel uncomfortable with.

    Ryan Blaney’s favorite SW movie is TPM so it is inappropriate to tell him to relate race car drivers like himself to X-Wing pilots. I most certainly look forward to the sequel to The Prequels Strike Back; The Prequels Strike Back: Strikes Back, and will most certainly watch it when it comes out.

  7. Jacobesico Says:

    It’s interesting that Abrams is back directing the third movie. I take it that Disney disagreed with the last Director so they removed him.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for The Phantom Menace. Brilliant story telling and far better than The Force Awakens. I don’t have a favourite movie though as I love all six of George Lucas’s saga.

  8. Princesselwen Says:

    To say I am NOT pleased over the news about Abrams . . . is an understatement. He has become so unoriginal it isn’t even funny. (And for all the fuss about him leaving NuTrek, I found Star Trek Beyond to be better than it’s two predecessors. Kirk finally grew up, it gave time to other characters and stopped being just the Kirk-Spock-Uhura show, and the sets looked cool.)
    But this . . . is making me angry. Because I KNOW he’ll try to rip off the end of ROTJ and I can’t think of any writers who are actually good enough to redeem Kylo at this point. (Seriously, characters who turn villanous and kill their parents generally DON’T get redeemed. Its possible, but it would be VERY hard to write.) And Rey’s a whole other issue, character-wise–she could be interesting, but if they keep on writing her the way they did in the first film, she won’t be.
    Add in the fact that Luke seems to have been replaced with his depressed, brooding clone, and any enthusiasm I ever had for the sequel trilogy has shrivelled up and died.

    • joe Says:

      one a** over at screen rant in the comments section said that episode 7 being a rehash of 4 was necessary because of the prequels saying they aren’t good films star wars or otherwise i told him off with some words that can’t be said here he pi**ed me off and didn’t abrams say he was going to do something original he’s full of s**t sorry for the langauge which i have covered up here which i didn’t do over at screen rant i know i should have but i was angry sorry and may the force be with you

      • Jacobesico Says:

        I’ve got to say that I admire how you continue reading those geek sites. I don’t think my blood pressure would be able to handle that sort of thing anymore. I never look in the YouTube comment section anymore. I listen to a lot of Star Wars music over there and I cover my eye with one hand so I can’t see the comments when scrolling down.

    • Jacobesico Says:

      I don’t have any enthusiasm for them either. I was having a Star Wars marathon the other month staring with The Phantom Menace and I stopped at Return of the Jedi.

  9. andywylde77 Says:

    I am in total disbelief over how JJ is back for episode 9! I am not a fan of his at all. So can I now expect episode 9 to be a generic rehash of ROTJ? I believe so. When I heard they got rid of Colin, I couldn’t believe all the hate he got as before when he got the gig people were praising him because of his work on JW. Now I have read all over the place how he is a hack and they are glad he is gone.

    What’s funny though is a lot of the stuff I read was to the tune of Colin only being successful with JW due to it’s brand name and nostalgia. Hmm, now where can we apply that same train of thought?

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