Upcoming Book: The Physics of Star Wars

Naboo News posted about an upcoming book examining the physics of the Star Wars universe.  It excerpted part of an interview with the author where he talks about Naboo:

Johnson says the movie implies that Naboo has water from surface to surface, right through the core, and in principle, it’s possible to have a planet like that, but as he thought more about it, that led to certain implications. For example, how the temperatures for the freezing and boiling points of water change when it’s under a lot of pressure. For Naboo, the water at the bottom would be under a lot of pressure, and more likely to freeze.

“If you do that, what is the radius of the planet able to be before the deepest water is under so much pressure it turns to ice? One of the reasons I enjoyed writing this section is I just naively did the calculations and said, ‘OK, how deep is the water?’ But then I thought: ‘Wait a second, as you go closer to the center there’s less of a force of gravity because there’s less stuff,’” says Johnson. “If you go to the perfect center of a planet there’s no force of gravity because on all sides it would be pulling it towards it, so there’s no force of gravity. This means that the pressure behaves in a more complicated fashion as compared to my initial approach.”

Then he had to redo his calculations.


One Response to “Upcoming Book: The Physics of Star Wars”

  1. Keith Palmer Says:

    The calculations about “how deep can Naboo’s water get?” do sound amusing to me, but I have to admit taking a “just because a fictional character says something doesn’t mean we have to take it literally” stance (and then to also applying that to the baffled medical droid’s line that seems to have driven a good part of the vocal ire about Padme “actively giving up…”) A site I used to look a fair bit at, the “Star Wars Technical Commentaries,” speculated on this topic as well. Still, it is sort of interesting to also think of the subsurface oceans of the outer solar system satellites Europa and Enceladus, and to consider that TPM may have come up with its idea before the real-world science was widely popularized…

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