More Star Words

This time it’s from the conclusion to TPM’s big action scene:

And what a great line; what a great delivery. Steady but carrying an edge of contempt. Taking all his threats and throwing them back in his face. I love, too, that Padmé is physically much smaller, yet somehow manages to stare down her foe. Just a fantastic moment all around. The other battles of Episode I’s finale are, arguably, more fun to watch, more eye-catching and intense. But this ending might be the most satisfying. After all the Viceroy’s confident taunts, he must admit defeat in the face of a fierce, tiny fourteen-year-old queen.




3 Responses to “More Star Words”

  1. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    One of my favorite Natalie Portman moments in the saga.

    • Moose Says:

      Agreed. She is such a great and varied character. When you look back on it, I think she might have the bulk of the best lines from the Prequels (“how liberty dies..”, “we live in a real world, come back to it”).

  2. matt Says:

    This is a great blog series. Keep them coming!

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