As Long As We’re Talking About Merchandise…

Sept. 1 is/was Force Friday II:  Electric Boogaloo with a new round of merchandise.  Most of it was to promote The Last Jedi but believe it or not there are prequel-related items out there:

Walgreens has its exclusive Commander Cody Funko Pop figure for $9.99.  Speaking of Funko, it revealed today one of the Pops due to come out in its upcoming Jedi Smuggler’s Bounty boxes (if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t click on the link but I’m really glad I ordered the darn thing).

Think Geek has an exclusive galactic necklace featuring planets from the saga, including Coruscant (of course they should’ve included Naboo as well but it’s a miracle Coruscant even got in).

Elhoffer Design is taking pre-orders for a new Ahsoka-inspired cardigan.

Zulily has long been the place to find Star Wars goodies on the cheap and I managed to score Jedi nail wraps and an ARC 170 t-shirt.  A smattering of other prequel goods are there too if you look around.




4 Responses to “As Long As We’re Talking About Merchandise…”

  1. Darthqui-gon Says:

    I have been noticing more PT related merchandise in positive articles. But when it comes to merchandise I strictly stick to Sideshow Hot Toys 1/6th scale figures. They’re expensive but worth it and it takes me awhile to save up for each one but lucky enough they come out slow enough that you do have time to save up

  2. matt Says:

    I just need SH Figuarts to make a 6″ Count Dooku.

    I just got the Bandai Model Kit General Greivous – it made a fine addition to my collection 😉

  3. joe Says:

    just caught the new trailer for rogue one the season premiere will be oct 16 as for prequel merch hopefully this is a sign of more prequel stuff coming out

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