Anatomy Of A Fight Scene Essay

The Star Wars Prequels blog posted a breakdown of AOTC’s fight scene between Jango Fett and Obi-Wan on Kamino:

Williams score conveys to us clearly the peril that Obi-Wan finds him in by the use of shrill violins and brass horns and as Jango begins to be dragged further towards the edge by his weight we are imparted a real sense of tension. Eventually Jango summons the composure to reach over to his arm and detach the cable. Obi-Wan, is released alongside Williams’ score back into its previous frenetic rhythm as he free falls to the waters.


2 Responses to “Anatomy Of A Fight Scene Essay”

  1. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Very good article. I liked how the author went into details about the scene.

  2. Moose Says:

    I love how GL follows through on their verbal jousting in the previous scene with their actual jousting here. I also appreciate the contrasts between the two warriors: the “simple man” with all the gadgets vs. the sophisticated man with only a sword and a robe.

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