Star Words: Midichlorians Explained

The Star Words series discusses the scene where Qui-Gon explains midichlorians to a young Anakin:

But now, with a simple question from Anakin, he explains their meaning. And I just love this scene, because it demonstrates Qui-Gon’s patience and teaching ability, his gentle smiles and clarifications as Anakin looks more and more bewildered and incredulous. (“They live inside me” has a great wait, is this guy completely nuts??? kind of delivery.) It shows us what might have been, if only Qui-Gon had survived to be Anakin’s master. Now there’s no more mystery, and we understand the Force like any other mundane scientific principle.

Or not.



4 Responses to “Star Words: Midichlorians Explained”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    Why didn’t they “get” this? Especially the way Qui Gon/Liam delivered it? Don’t they even know the basic science stuff?

    • joe Says:

      some people are idiots

    • andywylde77 Says:

      They didn’t get it because a 2 minute explanation by QGJ is obviously too taxing on their fragile brains. QGJ explains what they are as clear as day, and some folks thought that Midi’s were somehow the force itself? It shows how some folks really don’t take full advantage of that organ that resides between their ears 😦

  2. SWPN Says:

    The Force was explained in A New Hope by Obi-Wan Kenobi, and explained even further in TESB by Yoda.

    But somehow the explanation of midi-chlorians (which are not and never were the Force) is what ruins the mystery of the Force…

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