Smuggler’s Bounty Jedi Box Trailer

Late last week Funko released a trailer billing its upcoming Jedi box set of Pop figures.  They haven’t revealed yet what’s in the set but the trailer is pretty prequel-licious:

For more info, visit the Smuggler’s Bounty site.



4 Responses to “Smuggler’s Bounty Jedi Box Trailer”

  1. Pedro Felipe Says:

    Holy!!!!!!! Coruscant!!! The Jedi Council Chamber!!! Those Hologram sound effects!!!! The Soundtrack!!!! “Darth Sidious” followed by “Fighting the Destroyer Droids” from The Phantom Menace (Ultimate Edition Soundtrack), the victorious cue that plays when Obi Wan appears is the cue from when Queen Amidala’s ship is leaving Coruscant and enters hyperspace going back to Naboo. Oh boy, the religious feelings. This ad is 100% Prequel magic.

  2. LadyJediScientist (@LJediScientist) Says:

    I’m so excited for this box!!!! I really hope Anakin is included in this box!!!

  3. Artiom Says:

    Oh, so glad to get this magic feeling and vibe from the prequel trilogy (even in a funky promo video)! The music, the settings, and the sounds – so good! Core me if I’m wrong, isn’t it an Anakin’s theme from tpm playing at the end of the video?

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