From My Point Of View, It’s A Problem: A Commentary

The upcoming anthology of short stories based on ANH–originally dubbed “Operation Blue Milk” then revealed as “A Certain Point Of View”–didn’t interest me much because I’ve basically given up reading Del Rey’s new wave of licensed fiction.  But if there was any glimmer of interest at all it was extinguished with the full list of people brought on to write for this thing.  I don’t dislike everyone on there obviously; some of them have been involved with stuff that I enjoyed.  Others I have issues with but the most galling was bringing on actor Wil Wheaton.  No Timothy Zahn or James Luceno or Mike Stackpole but they had pages to spare for this guy.

Really, Del Rey and Lucasfilm?  Really????

Whenever somebody at Lucasfilm tries to claim that they love the prequels equally and treat them with respect, you’ve got to ask why then are the most notorious prequel bashers rewarded with prime gigs?  Simon Pegg got to guest star on The Clone Wars and scored a cameo in TFA.  Now a prequel basher known for another franchise gets to publish Star Wars fiction while scores of experienced writers, both professional and fan, never get the call.  As someone who has been trying for two years to get in the market with my own stuff, it’s HARD.  But maybe to get a deal with Del Rey I should just start the Prequel Hate Society and bash the films every chance I get.

What’s problematic about this is that we all know that they would never do this for anyone who publicly bashes the original trilogy, TFA, or Rogue One.  Ever.  To the people in charge, the prequels are expendable in a way the others are not and they don’t care because the movies don’t mean as much to them as the OT does and the overlords in Burbank aren’t going to tolerate anyone bashing their films.

Look, people at Lucasfilm:  admit it.  The prequels are second banana to your company, loved by a tiny few, liked by some, tolerated with gritted teeth by most.  J.W. Rinzler’s late blog indicated a lot of people there were not fond of AOTC at the very least and you know what, it shows.  It has shown for years.  Stop gas lighting us and stop making excuses.

I’m half tempted to get a bunch of pro-prequel fan fiction writers to put together an anthology…

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61 Responses to “From My Point Of View, It’s A Problem: A Commentary”

  1. joe Says:

    in the words of jean luc picard SHUT UP WESLEY!!!

  2. LadyJediScientist (@LJediScientist) Says:

    I am not one for advocating for boycotts, but I am one for voting with my dollars or abstaining with my money as the case maybe. I had thought about buying this collection, but with wheaton’s name on the cover-NO! Just NO!

    The more Disney pushes this idea of “Disney Wars” is better than anything George did, the more I am inclined not buy any of the new material at all. And the truth is, I do not have buy any of the Disney Wars material or merchandise. I can get the EU novels and comics through secondary sources. Also, there are several options in the way of fan made merchandise. I don’t have to buy anything from a company that is more concerned about making a quick buck than they are about producing quality content or respecting George’s legacy.

    LP, please put together an anthology!

  3. Nariel Says:

    So things are back to “normal”, I suppose? *sigh*
    I second the anthology idea, LP. That would be great!

  4. Darthqui-gon Says:

    That pisses me off. Loved by a few is a big load of B.S. everyone I so the saga, the 6 films saga there’s no 7, they all prefer the PT. I can’t stand all the OT crap. I’m done with it. Don’t get me wrong I still love the movies but I hate everything that surrounding it. I like the prequels better and I so it in my words and in my attire. I refuse to wear any OTHER related shirts. And I’ve gotten nothing but compliments. I can not stand J.J. Kennedy, Disney, and especially Pegg and Wesley two big time losers that should have NOTHING to do with Star Wars. In fact every director working on the films should at least respect the saga answer Lucas. I’m losing my point lol. I guess I’m just saying the haters no nothing!!! And I pray for Disney’s/Kennedy they kill the franchise. Hell, they’ve already jumped the shark. I’m going to be saving a lot of money, there’s nothing Star Wars coming out over the next three years. Revenge of the Sith will always be the sagas shinning moment. In my book that’s all I need.

    • Darthqui-gon Says:

      I’ve reallocate come to the point were I hate so called Star Wars fans. I love the six saga, my favorite films are all the ones Lucas directed. I love Clone Wars and really enjoy Rebels and Rogue One. But that’s as far as I go. I don’t like even talking about Star Wars. Even when I was a kid it was like this, not to the same extreme, a lot of adults didn’t like them and kids my age liked them when they were out but by 1984 the hatred for Jedi was in full force. The resurgence in 95 I still hated talking about it, I’d read articles from Lucas himself and they’d still argue that they new more about Star Wars then him. Enter Phantom Menace and the PT, not only did the fan club triple, I never met anyone at the stores or where have you that didn’t like the films. In my experience in seems the children, teenagers and woman like the PT over the OT because they have more depth and are more emotionally powerful then the OT. I wholeheartedly agree. I really don’t like Star Wars fans. Not all but, the loud minority. Who can’t accept that people like the PT as much or more and hated episode 7.

      • Edward Diego Says:

        “I love the six saga, my favorite films are all the ones Lucas directed.”

        I’m sorry to correct to you, but ESB was directed by Irvin Kershner and ROTJ was directed by Richard Marquand.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        They’re not mutually exclusive; he could mean that ANH and the prequels are his favorites even though he loves all of the films.

      • Cryogenic Says:

        Indeed. Lucas is the architect of all six; two just happened to be directed, by various degrees, by other people (one of whom was one of Lucas’ film school mentors, the other essentially functioning as a pliant, enthusiastic “student” of Lucas himself). It’s no crime to have a preference for one part of the marble over another.

        Here, in this excellent valentine to AOTC from November of last year, writer Mike Thorn closes with the following:

        “In my above-mentioned review for Revenge of the Sith, I describe that film as Lucas’s greatest artistic achievement. In reality, I see all four of his Star Wars installments as parts of a single, totalized expression, carried through to slightly less brilliant effect in The Empire Strikes Back (Irvin Kershner, 1980) and Return of the Jedi (Richard Marquand, 1983).”

  5. Phen Says:

    Very little respect for wil Wheaton. Not because he was Wesley Crusher, the original Jarjar–hated by fans, but because he perpetuates the hate. As a man who knows what it’s like to have a character people hate you would hope he would have some compassion instead of piling it on

    • Darthqui-gon Says:

      Well said

    • Darthqui-gon Says:

      I do mean episodes 1-4 as being my favorite films. In my opinion both Empire, specially Empire, and Jedi are HIGHLY overrated. Don’t get me wrong I still love them. But I just happen to love the four Lucas directed better. He’s an underrated director and writer. He’s a genius to me. And when Lucas was on set in both 5 & 6 the actors looked to him for approval not Kersher, or Marqand, it was Lucas. Two overrated directors. Name one other films either of them directed that was any good. Lucas may not of directed 5 & 6 but there definitely his films. You can feel his influence all over them.

      • joe Says:

        i’m sorry but your calling kershner and marquand overrated to me is disrespectful due to them both being dead (marquand died of a stroke at only 48 years of age) and jedi is underrated talking about 5 and 6 by calling the overrated is not going to help especially with the anti-prequel crowd sorry i had to say this just my opinion may the force be with you

      • joe Says:

        correction marquand was 49

      • Darthqui-gon Says:

        That’s just my opinion Joe, dead or alive. I just feel their, and 5 & 6 are overrated. Dose not mean I don’t love them. Just not as much as the other four films. I don’t find that disrespectful at all, it’s just an opinion. Why do we have to say positive things just because someone is dead? You think Lucas will get the same respect? I doubt it. Even when Carrie died, I felt bad for her family, but I was more upset that Maul died. If I had to hear one more time about how’s there no underwear I’m space I was going to puke. I stopped reading interviews with the OT alumni years ago because I’m so sick of their same stories. I’d rather read new interviews form Hayden, Liam, Ewan just to name a few. I’ve lost a lost of respect for the OT alumni, specially the fx people. Alive or died I’m voicing my opinion weather people like it or not. It’s my opinion and nothing will take that away and I stand by it abd continue to voice as long as I want.

      • Pedro Felipe Says:

        Lucas was very, very influential on ESB and ROTJ. He betted his entire company on ESB. If it tanked, so would Lucasfilm. Keshner deliberately shot in a Lucasy style, he said he didn’t want to do what we’d seen before (cought, tfa, cought) but also didn’t want to stray too much from the style of the first movie. George Lucas wrote the story, storyboarded, directed the special effects shots and edited ESB. He basically took control of production after they wrapped up photography and Keshner stepped out. It’s really apparent in the look and feel of the final movie, in the way John William’s score is used, etc. The haters are cowards and say George didn’t write the ESB screenplay, George was in fact by any definition one of the writers, he contributed a lot to the screenplay. He picked Leight Bracket’s screenplay and made an extensive rewrite of it himself, including the addition of the famous: “I am your father!” scene, before Kasdan was even onboard the damm thing. He was humble not to slap his name in there and in my opinion it was a big mistake, to this day the haters lie and use this to claim he is not a “great writer”. They claim he had little influence on ESB! Because Irvin Keshner went overbudget and missed the schedule several times, they claim George was “stingy” and Keshner “saved the movie”. They say “George didn’t want the movie to be great, just good”, in a typical reckless, ridiculous and demonstrably false reasoning that quality is directly proportional to budget. They seem to think money grows on trees. That diatribe that is “the secret history of star wars” and other similar books rely heavily on this king of logic. The people who wrote these things should be ashamed to call them “historical research”. I could go on and on but the haters deny these basic and well stablished facts, their narrative is nothing but fiction, and bad fiction at that. Now when it comes to your opinion of ESB and ROTJ being overrated, I think they not overrated at all but that Episodes I, II, III and (especially recently) IV are terribly underrated. And yes, I hate to have to compare them, but I, II and III are definetely superior to the others in my opinion.

      • Cryogenic Says:

        Whoa, hey — must come to Darthqui-gon’s defence here. I actually agree with the defence of Kershner, Marquand, and Lucas; and, if anything, I feel ROTJ is underrated (perhaps even severely so). But it’s good to have some counter-opinions floating around.

        “The Secret History”, as cited above, essentially castigates Lucas for massively overextending himself and basking in undeserved glory. The author really went to town to try and prove Lucas lost his way, becoming drunk on his own myth, ruining or over-complicating something primal and good. The author is an avid fan of the original film (as should be obvious from the foreword). It is clear they rue the simplicity of the first film becoming (in their eyes) tainted and smudged over in Lucas’ grandiloquent pursuit of authorial independence, money, and recognition. A lack of aesthetic probity, in my opinion, dogs the book and the author’s attempt to deconstruct something that isn’t even particularly “secret” (perhaps muddled or enigmatic) to begin with.

        I was sorry when Carrie died. It really felt like a part of Star Wars went with her. And she was possessed of a great deal of acerbic wit and amiable self-awareness. On the other hand, the geek-media essentially put a halo around her the past few years, and some of her sardonic bromides were a bit “much” for me. Following her death, everything became Carrie-this, Carrie-that. Yet she’s still in everyone’s consciousness; including mine. The way certain people get celebrated and sainted following their passing, however, can sometimes be a bit nauseating. Carrie put a public face on mental illness and was duly applauded for it — even though millions continue to suffer in relative isolation, and I’ve seen little to convince me that most are really capable of empathizing with, let alone understanding, mental unwellness and struggle and difficulty in general.

        And yes, Lucas was enormously influential on all six of his movies. Because let’s be clear: They were his movies. Kershner and Marquand were employed to bring his vision to life. And both men, in their own ways, did a commendable job, in my opinion. But it’s also okay if some people think that I-IV (that’s I-IV, not I-VI) offer a “purer” experience. For there, no-one can take credit away from Lucas, as he essentially handled the “milling” stage all by himself; the stage that people seem to pin so much of their enthusiasm onto. And in the case of the prequels, Lucas took on the vast bulk of the writing, too (though, in the OT, it was hardly much different). And, of course, he essentially came up with the basic plots, oversaw the art direction, the casting, the effects, and storyboarded and edited all six. They all bear his stamp in a very significant and serious way. But one can still have their personal preferences; their own way of seeing things. “Your focus determines your reality.”

      • lazypadawan Says:


  6. andywylde77 Says:

    Wheaton is a real POS here! I mean in one of his tweets he says, “Don’t ever subject your children to the prequels because they are garbage.”

    What kind of BS is that? And he thinks TFA will retcon 1-3 out of the universe? Well too bad for him he didn’t get that wish granted.

    But he of all people should know when not to throw rocks in glass houses.

    • maychild Says:

      I think he was so glad to no longer be at the bottom of the geek totem pole (for playing Wesley Crusher) that he became one of the most obnoxious prequel-bashers.

      • Cryogenic Says:

        It’s a little like Jar Jar in the Battle of Naboo tussling with that Battle Droid carcass. He freaks out, tells it to “get off”, stamps on it, calls it a “dumb droid”, and then realizes he actually has a useful weapon against other, active droids; and so uses it. Wil Wheaton is trying to purge the “dumb droid” status of Wesley Crusher, or the contempt that geek culture put on him for being the performer of said creature, and has since realized, hey, it isn’t so bad having played a notoriously hated Star Trek character — he can use that ignominious history to strike out at *other* ignominious characters and things and make a name for himself that way. It’s kind of like a tangled form of Stockholm Syndrome — he gets to virtue-signal his understanding of the Rules of Geekdom 2017 (though it’s more like the Rules of Geekdom circa 2002) so that he can continue to belong to the tribe that formerly scoffed at and rejected him. Ego defence via scapegoating. Jar Jar continues to reveal much about human nature.

      • Darthqui-gon Says:


      • andywylde77 Says:

        Yeah well he needs to be more aware of what he went through and extend the same courtesy to others as he would have wanted himself. I see that his contribution to the SW book for the 40th anniversary is a short story about some group of rebels that stayed behind on Yavin after the destruction of the DS.

        WOW! That sounds like a story that will have me at the edge of my seat! (sarcasm) I can’t believe LFL is giving him the time of day. Actually with the way LFL is now I am actually not surprised.

    • Darthqui-gon Says:

      That’s just wrong on all acounts. Who is he to tell people that. As long as I live I will continue to show people the saga in its rightful order, 1-6. So far everytime I have the people I’ve shown them to prefer 1-3 over the OT. I think that says something. I let them come to their own conclusions.

      • andywylde77 Says:

        He is just like many others who think they know SW better than Lucas himself. He also is just one of many morons that claim “Lucas destroyed SW!” If someone didn’t enjoy the movies, that is fine. But in reality nothing was “destroyed” But Wheaton obviously knows what is best for SW like many others like him apparently do. Rolls eyes

      • maychild Says:

        There’s even a name for it: Fanboy/Fangirl Knows Best Syndrome.

    • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

      Wil Wheaton said what?! The nerve of this guy! No wonder Debbie Gibson wouldn’t have sex with him back in the day. He’s not as “super dope” as he thinks he is.

  7. Jacobesico Says:

    I didn’t read that Aftermath book by that Chuck Wending guy. He was the one who retweeted a tweet telling all Prequel fans to go jump off a bridge.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      There’s that and if you take a peek on his TL, you can see he’s flat out not a nice guy. Plus I’ve seen all of the jokes about his writing.

      • Jacobesico Says:

        Yeah I’ve read an interview of his in Star Wars Insider where he boasted that he could write a Star Wars story in his sleep.

        Personally, I’ve never been able to get into the Star Wars novels. To me, Star Wars is a visual experience. I find them clogged up with too much exposition and lore. The only novel that I really liked was the Darth Plagueis one. I loved seeing the rise of Palpatine.

      • maychild Says:

        He’s a jerk, not to put too fine a point on it. He always was, really. He started out as a young child actor and got lots of acclaim (for “Stand By Me” in particular), which can result in an outsized ego and an overblown sense of one’s own importance.

    • Darthqui-gon Says:

      wtf! That’s why I fight fire with fire. I know it’s not right. I’m actually a very spiritual person. I don’t know why when it comes to Star Wars, and some of its “fans”, I get worked up and feel like I have to defend myself. Other things I love, movies, books, music etc I just blow it off. But when I hear stuff like that it gets to me. There’s a simple solution for the bashers, shut up, don’t watch them and let the rest of us who do love them be. But unfortunately that’s not the way. I read that they interviewed this Will guy in the Insider, WTH! I’m glad I let my subscription run out, I use to have every issue, but I let it run out a year before Disney took over. Because for the last two years prior everything was OT this OT that. I got so sick an tired off hearing about the OT that it lasts till today. As I said I love all six films and Star Wars is my second favorite after Revenge of the Sith. I’m burnt out on everything OT. And when Disney took over that was it, I sold every issue of the Insider. Got a pretty penny for them two. If I’m in a book store or in line at the food store and I see some book or magazine of Star Wars I won’t even look at it anymore. I’m sick of Kennedy and Disney isolating us and pushing the PT aside like they never existed.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        I let my sub lapse three years ago. I don’t miss it.

      • Jacobesico Says:

        I let my sub lapse as well. I followed it from the Release of Revenge of The Sith a I noticed the deterioration in quality when Disney took over.

    • Johann Potgieter Says:

      I read “Dark Disciple” by Christie Golden, and it was great! The only other new canon novel I’ve read so far is “Aftermath”… Well… I didn’t evem get half-way. The writing is terrible! I’m not just saying this out of spite, but it reads like poorly written fanfiction.

  8. Moose Says:

    More stuff in the ANH era? Has Disney not been down this road enough with Rogue One, Rebels and the upcoming Han Solo film (to say nothing of TFA as a remake of ANH)? What are they going to write about, R2’s harrowing escape from the Lars homestead garage or maybe how “Red” got his bad motivator?

    • Darthqui-gon Says:

      Lol!!!!! I agree. They NEED to move past the OT era. They need to explore times the Sith wars before Phantom and after Jedi when Luke rebuilds the Jedi order as Yoda instructed him to do. Right but leave it as a stand alone film. The saga 1-6 has been done and is done. Just do stand alone films from different eras. I will not be seeing any Star Wars films for at least the next three years. And the only reason I like Rebels is all the PT & CW characters and references. Face it the animation is very childish. Unlike CW. My girlfriend, whom I showed the whole saga to and CW and Rebels can’t get into Rebles or OT. And she really didn’t care for Rouge One. She always wants to watch the PT, specially Sith, and CW all the time. I can say the same with my last few girlfriends I’ve had since my divorce 6 years ago. Off topic this is THE one. As far as stand alone films they should be trying to please all the fans. How about that Obi-Wan movie or a Darth Maul movie that takes place before Phantom Menace. May a live action Clone Wars film. Then they could do some OT timeline. Or films a thousand years before and after the saga. Just a thought.

    • joe Says:

      i understand but it is the 40th anniversary of a new hope i’ll buy the book maybe under protest also ashley eckstein is one of the writers

  9. Artiom Says:

    I also think its a problem – Disney doesn’t properly acknowledge Prequel trilogy by acts like this one. Its alienating prequel fans.
    I personally don’t buy Disney movies – I don’t have neither TFA or Rogue One on blu-ray or in any digital format.
    The idea of prequel fan writers getting together is good. I’d donate some money to it (if there’s a sort of Kickstarter campaign) and do whatever to support it. It just requires somebody to take the first action (someone who’s ready to invest some Tim einto it).

    • Artiom Says:

      time into it*

    • Darthqui-gon Says:

      I’m more then willing. But time is an issue. And I do have a problem censoring myself. Right lazypadawan. Lol 😉

    • Johann Potgieter Says:

      Count me in. How will we go about it, though? We need ti be careful with kickstarter as not to anger Mickey Mouse. But if we have clear disclaimers I’m sure it’ll be fine.

  10. Cryogenic Says:

    “Shut up, Wesley!!!” is, of course, the obvious rejoinder — and clearly the sort of thing Wil Wheaton is still trying, on a certain level, to get away from. Everyone wants to belong to a tribe or a community of some sort; and no-one wants to be rank bottom. So out comes the easy virtue-signalling and the scapegoating. And in Wheaton’s case, since his famous science-fiction character was formerly loathed by a picky, cliquey, nerdy community (if you can’t belong, as a social misfit, amongst nerds, where can you?), it’s like a tangled form of Stockholm Syndrome at work.

    Lucasfilm are sanctioning a lot of abuse and dismissiveness toward the prequels. It will remain glaring — as conspicuous as a peacock with a double-bladed lightsaber in a sunlit glade — that they ran a marketing campaign for the first Star Wars film “under new management” with Orwellian overtones. Much in the way of euphemism, shibboleth, and dog-whistle was employed, within a kind of trashy revivalist spectacle, to signal that Star Wars was “safe” under their stewardship, and that the terrible mistakes of the prequels were not being repeated.

    Lucas himself, in this bizarre propaganda construct, transformed into a sort of distant, sketchy Emmanuel Goldstein — the crazy, eccentric, and indulgent benefactor-turned-“enemy” of Star Wars that lost his way and nearly drowned the series in embarrassing dad-humour, exotic digital-armchair direction, and esoteric Buddhist-Methodist, free-to-be-you-and-me philosophical claptrap. People should be running around in deserts dodging explosions, not sitting in armchairs looking depressed!

    Because everyone knows Star Wars is really all about: Lightsabers! (Used sparingly). Han Solo! The Millennium Falcon! The Death Star! Rebels vs. Empire! Lasers! Explosions! Deserts! Cantinas! X-Wings! TIE Fighters! Triumph over adversity! Banter! “Romance!” Delightful characters! A sense that “anything is possible”! John Ford landscapes! Real sets! Practical effects! Creatures that are really there! Plastic foot soldiers! People jumping in and out of cockpits! Things that you can touch and feel! Wash, rinse, repeat.

    Is anything a surprise with these people anymore? I’ve noticed one unusual thing: Star Wars is kind of becoming Star Trek. Or Star Trek elements and personnel are being heavily integrated into the modern LFL landscape. J.J Abrams as the director of TFA and Executive Producer of the whole Sequel Trilogy (“ST”). Dan Mindel as the TFA cinematographer. Simon Pegg as TFA character, Abrams confidante, and anti-PT mouthpiece. And now Wil Wheaton as another big-mouth basher who “obviously” understands what horrifying pieces of garbage those awful prequels self-evidently were.

    And yes — Don’t anyone dare attempt bashing and flaying the new Disney products; and watch your step where the Original Trilogy is concerned. You’ll be hit with legal action harder than a speeding freight train. Or strings will be pulled and you might get kicked from a message board or blog space or your YouTube channel might be taken down. Bashing the “approved” stuff? Blasphemy. Bashing the despicable “Other” of the prequels? Feel free! Your loyalty and judgement are in question, in fact, until you’ve made at least one public gesture that suggests you’re obeying the Disney Code and prepared to make an inducting kill. Such is the way of Disney, the way of the Sith.

    • Artiom Says:

      Very rightful comment – pretty much summarizes Disney actions.

    • Anticitizen One Says:

      You nailed it.

    • SWPN Says:

      Cryo, were you banned from JCF? Noticed that you went MIA for a while. What happened?

      • joe Says:

        wht’s jcf?

      • Cryogenic Says:

        JCF = Jedi Council Forums. That is the message board aspect of TFN (or TheForce.Net).

        And Alex? Yes, I was. Thanks for asking. Seek out the Disney thread in the “saga” forum. Look over the first two pages.

        It seems they don’t want anything too negative being said about the machinations of Disney/Lucasfilm. Dissent/free speech has been curtailed.

        One might also chalk the situation up to classic moderator bias. PT fans have always been treated harshly over there; while trolls/critics of the PT have been allowed to roam free. In the past, when prequel fans complained, the justification was usually, “We’re not going to allow these boards to turn into a gusher’s paradise”. So much irony.

      • SWPN Says:

        Damn, such a shame. I don’t disagree with you. That’s indeed what been happening lately. I wish there was an alternate board for healthy and deep SW discussion.

      • Cryogenic Says:

        There is a new saga/prequel-focused board that sprung up a few months ago. I don’t know if I can give the URL here, but PM Subtext Mining on TFN and tell him Cryo sent you. I haven’t posted over on it yet, but I’ll probably be doing so soon.

    • Cryogenic Says:

      Thank you, you fine, fine people!!! I appreciate the compliments. My comments are really a reprise/extension of what I have been saying on TFN the past two years. Glad this blog exists where all the twists and turns are properly noted — and where we can see speak freely.

  11. jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

    I always really liked the first two seasons of Next Generation and the character of Wesley Crusher, Epcot Center-sweaters and all.

    There are so many similarities between the first two TNG seasons and the prequels. Same goes for Wesley and Jar Jar.

    Both the first two TNG seasons and the prequels had their original creators return. Both were highly philosophical. Both were light and fun when they needed to be. Both tried to expand their stories beyond their franchises original premises. Both were hated by a vocal minority of virgins. Both franchises were “fixed” by new producers who took the stories in a dark and gritty direction.

    Wesley Crusher was a geek and a genius who helped to save the Enterprise many times. Jar Jar was a geek, though not a genius. He nevertheless helped to save Naboo. He also helped “save” people from the Republic and the Jedi. Both characters were hated by hard core geeks.

    Wil Wheaton is desperately trying to stay relevant with Hollywood, the media, and the younger generations of fans. How do you do that? Tell them what you think they want to hear.

    Wheaton is a middle aged former child star who has no real connection with Millennials. It isn’t 1989 any more, so, what does he do? Grow a beard and adopt a hipster persona.

    • joe Says:

      those first two seasons of tng are hated by many fans (mostly the first one) things did improve and many feel that when roddenberry died the show got better real classy saying the show became great after the creator expired as much as there would be no star wars without george lucas there would be no star trek without gene roddenberry

  12. Johann Potgieter Says:

    If you’re looking for prequel loving fanfic writers, please count me in!

    I totally agree that Disney/Lucasfilm is being a bit two-faced when it comes to this. The should not condone a course of action that will lead to prequel haters being allowed to write official Star Wars canon: because said haters are hating on Star Wars itself.

    Shut up, Wesley!

  13. Darthqui-gon Says:

    It’s a line from Stand By Me when will wheaton dad says to him it should have been you gordo, that was wheaton name in the movie, and his dad is referencing gordos bother that died.

  14. KirkMan1701 Says:

    I was four weeks late in coming across this travesty, but I have to say something. I am very disappointed in you Richard William “Wil” Wheaton III and you should be totally ashamed of yourself.

    I cannot understand why people like Simon Peggy and Wil Wheaton feel so threatened by other people merely enjoying the Star Wars prequels, it isn’t effecting them at all. Such original trilogy fanboys must be severely insecure as to obsess over the SW prequels and anyone who enjoys them like they do.

    In the words of James Tiberius Kirk, “Double dumbass on you, Wesley!” This Captain Kirk paraphrase expresses my feelings towards Wil Wheaton’s obnoxious prequel-bashing escapades.

    I am now going to boycott Wil Wheaton just like I have been doing with the Peggster since late 2015.

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