Because I’m Too Tired…

The irony of being at a con is that you have less time to report on what’s happening at the con than the people who are 2500 miles away at home or at work.

I didn’t go to the Star Wars publishing panel, but Naboo News nicely summarized some upcoming prequel releases from Star’s announcements.  Keep an eye out for the upcoming Mace Windu comics series from Marvel (Mace Windu:  Jedi of the Republic), “Tales of Hope & Courage” from the Forces of Destiny line, some kids-related stuff in the “Journey to The Last Jedi” line, and “Star Wars:  Creatures and Aliens” from Abrams.

By the way, if you’re keeping up with the Star Wars Little Golden Books, the new wave (stuff like “I Am A Pilot” and “I Am A Princess”) features prequel stuff galore.

Hasbro also unveiled some new products in the pipeline, including the Padmé doll from the Forces of Destiny line and a 6″ Black Series Captain Rex:



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5 Responses to “Because I’m Too Tired…”

  1. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Looks like Padme wasn’t not forgotten about after all.

  2. lovelucas Says:

    That really is Tem Morrison’s face.

  3. Anticitizen One Says:

    We’re probably going to see some of Padme’s fighter pilot skills. Pretty cool.
    I like the idea behind these Forces of Destiny shorts and the upcoming Star Ears Adventures comics, how they’re telling stories from the 3, maybe 4, different eras. I think it’s a nice way of keeping everybody happy in a small way. I just hope Eps VIII and IX don’t ignore the prequels. They need to be acknowledged in the actual films, not just the ancillary material.

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