Star Words Part XVII

Another installment of Matril’s series focuses on Palpatine:

How I love this scene. While Palpatine puts on a show of offering a young leader counsel and support, he is slowly but surely manipulating her into serving his plots. Notice the staging. She sits, passive and nearly silent, while he talks and talks and talks, walking circles around her almost like a predator stalking its prey…or a spider weaving its web around its victim. His tone carries a convincing note of regret as he describes the corruption and slogging inaction that has enveloped the Senate. But in truth, he has been eagerly encouraging the Republic’s decline, preparing for his eventual takeover. The Republic is not what it once was, and he’s secretly delighted. Valorum is mired by baseless accusations, he takes care to note — but Palpatine could very well be the one who started circulating those rumors, ensuring the current Chancellor’s failure and subsequent take-down.



4 Responses to “Star Words Part XVII”

  1. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    But in truth, he has been eagerly encouraging the Republic’s decline, preparing for his eventual takeover.

    Like many other SW fans, I think the author was giving Palpatine too much credit for what led to the Republic’s downfall. I do believe he was mainly responsible for the Clone Wars, the Galactic Senate’s leadership of the Republic gave him that opportunity. And I believe that the Republic had been in a state of decline long before Palpatine began his plotting.

  2. Pedro Felipe Says:

    One of the most striking moments of the Saga, this imagery just stuck to my mind from the first time I saw The Phantom Menace. The atmosphere, the outfit she wears, the how Palpatine moves and behaves… Like the whole freaking movie, is incredibly well written and unbelievably executed and acted. From the bottom of my soul, I think movie critics are completely out of their minds and are full of bull&*&*.

  3. lovelucas Says:

    I love the looks she gives him. She suspects something is rotten in Denmark/Senate

  4. David Breslin Says:

    I do wonder how much anti-prequel backlash was driven by politics. The films tell us that sometimes the scary-looking foreigners are just a distraction, while the real enemy is the charming old gent your neighbourhood voted into the Senate. A lot of people (on both ends of the political spectrum) are still not ready to hear that.

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