Fan Argues TPM Is Better Than ANH

I take no position on this issue because the only thing I’ll ever assert is that ROTS is the best film of the series, but this fan argues why he finds TPM a better film than even the super duper classic ANH:

What isn’t classic about the story of two knights rescuing a queen and helping her restore order to an imperilled kingdom? As a 9 year old I never had a problem with the saga opening in this rather low key manner. After all this was the beginning. A New Hope was different in that we were being introduced to the middle of the saga with events already in progress, but in the Phantom Menace Lucas starts things off with a single ship, and that suits it perfectly. Soon after we get our first real look at what the Jedi in their prime looked like and even without having seen the original trilogy there’s not much need of an explanation to know what they’re about. Good storytelling.


12 Responses to “Fan Argues TPM Is Better Than ANH”

  1. Hunk a Junk Says:

    I never understood the “low key” opening argument for TPM or the criticism that it was a conflict about taxes. The Errol Flynn classic “Robin Hood” opens with prologue text describing a similar political conflict, Norman vs. Saxon, and how unfair taxation is causing trouble. Robin Hood’s central story is based on taxes. It’s the spark that ignites a much larger conflict. So whenever people sneer about taxes being mentioned in TPM I always say, “Oh, you mean like in Robin Hood?” The same thing when people complain about Anakin “accidentally” destroying the TF battleship at the climax. I always say, “You mean the same way Dorothy accidentally kills the Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz?”

    • Darthqui-gon Says:

      Well said! 🙂

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      I’d heard the first response before, but not the second, which is equally appealing to me. Not that long ago I’d figured out my own way to “dodge” the complaint “TPM hinges on an accidental victory” by contemplating the real victory’s won by Amidala and the Naboo capturing the Trade Federation Viceroy; I can suppose that if necessary she could have gone from that to ordering the Gungans released and calling off the surviving Naboo pilots. (However, imagining some might just go on to insist “Anakin should have been thanked for his help and left on Tatooine to grow up, and everyone would have been much happier,” I then remembered Amidala wouldn’t have got to the throne room had he not got his fighter moving in the first place to shoot the shielded destroyer droids that had her pinned down…)

    • Prequel Knight Says:

      Yes that’s pretty much where Lucas would’ve gotten it from I’m guessing. Such a pointless quibble with the film at this stage. Lucas had always said that Palpatine meddled in those kind of shenanigans in order to engineer power for himself.

  2. Darthqui-gon Says:

    Revenge of the Sith is by Lucas’ shining moment!!!! My personal favorite film of all time period!

    As far as The Phantom Menace is concerned, in my opinion it’s better then ESB & ROTJ.

  3. Keith Palmer Says:

    It’s a bold claim, but one I’m glad somebody made. I’m afraid I might not have been able to articulate it myself, though: I can vacillate between “TPM was just stuck against a wall built from the Expanded Universe of the 1990s helping convince fans Star Wars was supposed to be ‘grittier’ than it really was to begin with” and “just because I made the effort of will not to be offended, I shouldn’t shrink from admitting some things about the movie unfortunately ‘triggered’ some people with big mouths”…

    Perhaps, too, I’m always trying to remind myself of how big Star Wars got by itself in the last three years of the 1970s, back when it really did seem just “the uncomplicated good guys versus the uncomplicated bad guys.”

  4. Moose Says:

    I understand the need for arguments like the one being put forth and I very much appreciate this person standing up for the Prequels, but the more I get into all of this (and the more I see from Disney) the more inclined I am to go along with George and look at the Saga as one giant film. One film, based on one basic idea from the mind of one person. At that point, trying to decide which movie is your favorite is sort of like trying to decide which bite a filet mignon is your favorite.

    • Prequel Knight Says:

      Thanks. I view the saga as one film too by the way and am generally averse to differentiating them too much, however views about the films are all over the place so it helps to contextualise them like this to argue for the work as a whole.

  5. Pedro Felipe Says:

    The Phantom Menace is amazing, so amazing I’ve got it’s full size poster in my living room. The story, the acting, the characters… It’s unbeliavable, so awe inspiring. The way the thematic structure of the story works, with many important themes in sinergy with each other interwined in the story. George is a genius, it’s meticulously crafted and you can see the effort in the amount of time he took to write it. Very different from these horrible movies nowadays that are written in 6 months…

  6. Julie Says:

    That was a nice antidote to all the “Of course Lucas’s skills were slipping by the time he made the prequels…” comments.

  7. lovelucas Says:

    The author/blogger is speaking to this choir member – although I agree RotS is the prequel film that packs the most emotional punch, and AotC is my personal favorite just because…. TPM is the one that resonates hugely with me because George DID provide the vision that Obi-Wan was storytelling to Luke in ANH. IMO – George knew all along what the vision would be and he fulfilled it. My first defense sentence to those TPM/prequel unbelievers is that this beginning of the story is the beginning of the end – end of the glory years, end of the good guys, end of the Jedi but it’s grand to see the galaxy in the golden years of the good guys on top. TPM also provides warnings all over the place including those to the good guys (and even us)- they are already making concessions, they are already developing that arrogance that won’t allow them to see or believe that they are so compromising they’re already laying the groundwork for becoming not the guardians, not the watchdogs but the soldiers and commanders fighting those very wars they said was never ever in their mandate. They’re becoming weaker and they’re doing it to themselves. Huge…this is huge. Of course Palpatine is stirring the pot and throwing out distractions and lies. Us, again. If I had a drink in front of me I would make a toast to this blogger and you, too, LP.

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