Star Wars Poetry Video

I don’t think I’ve seen this Vimeo showing parallels between the OT and PT before, but if you’re a fan of the Ring Theory, you’ve got to check it out!

Star Wars Poetry from whoispablo on Vimeo.



7 Responses to “Star Wars Poetry Video”

  1. jorgelaris Says:

    Great video.

  2. Branislav Marček Says:

    oldie but goodie

  3. Jacobesico Says:

    I’ve seen that one before. It’s a great video and well thought out.

  4. joe Says:

    i saw it too

  5. Matthew Riggio Says:

    Lucas is a genuis.

  6. Pedro Felipe Says:

    Genius, attention to the minutest detail.

  7. Jason Says:

    A wonderful example of Lucas’ genius.

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