Star Words XII: Maul Talks

Part XII of Matril’s series on TPM is up and this time it focuses on the mostly-silent Darth Maul:

In the end, Maul’s terrifying appearance — the nightmarish swirls of red and black, the horns, the glowing eyes, the double-bladed saber he wields with deadly precision — is nothing but a mask to distract us from the true danger, the phantom menace lurking behind it all. And when Maul is killed, it will ultimately prove a hollow victory as the master simply finds a new apprentice and proceeds with his plans for galactic domination. Maul, meanwhile, won’t live to see the Sith destroy the Jedi order and take over the galaxy. He gets to be the face of the surprise reveal – “Whoops, guess the Sith weren’t totally eradicated a thousand years ago after all!” but he reaps none of the rewards. He proved useful for a time, and was then easily discarded for someone with more political savvy, who will in turn be discarded for someone younger and far more powerful.



2 Responses to “Star Words XII: Maul Talks”

  1. joe Says:

    i guess he didn’t watch the clone wars and rebels still good points

    • joe Says:

      just read the full article awhile ago i feel so stupid one matril is a woman and i’ve red her stuff before including her dissatisfaction with tfa and she knows maul survived but she considers tcw semi-canon hope no one is offended about that my apologies for forgetting about her a lapse of judgement on my part

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