/r/prequelmemes Executes Order 66 On Bashers

Usually I don’t waste my time on stupid videos bashing the prequels.  Someone asked me to address a new anti-prequel video from WatchMojo.com and I wasn’t going to talk about it because who cares.  It’s the same lame crap we’ve put up with for 18 years.

But then along came /r/prequelmemes, quickly launching an attack on the haters.  The comment section on YouTube (I don’t as a rule link to basher videos) is full of prequel fans and as of writing it has 10,509 down votes as opposed to 2,551 up votes.  Feel free to look it up on YouTube and add to the carnage if you want.  I still don’t care what these fanboy jerks have to say about anything but I LOVE that somebody is finally turning the tables on them.



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11 Responses to “/r/prequelmemes Executes Order 66 On Bashers”

  1. joe Says:

    the video is called top 10 reasons why the star wars prequels suck f**k watch mojo

  2. Nariel Says:

    Good… Once more prequel fans will rule the Galaxy… 😉
    Is it possible that the tide is actually turning?

  3. David Breslin Says:

    There’s definitely a prequels fanbase on Reddit, and they’re ceasing to just lurk. On April Fool’s Day, Reddit put up a collaborative pixel art space called “Place” to see what mayhem would ensue. One of the largest pieces of art to survive to the end was…. a long quotation from Revenge of the Sith.

  4. Logan Says:

    Just read the comments section for this video. It. Was. Awesome! I read the Facebook comments section for a website’s article that bashed the special editions yesterday, and it was surprisingly pro-Lucas, too, though not entirely. Glad to see the tide is turning.

  5. Jacobesico Says:

    Well that made my day. Thanks for posting.

  6. Darthqui-gon Says:

    I completely avoid any PROBLEMS bashing all together. I collect Sideshow 16th scale figures, Maul, ep 2 Clone, 501st Clone and General Grevious, and 3 from ep 4 Vader, Stormtrooper & Tusken raider. Nothing from ESB or ROTJ, just the way it happened. And four mini busts to, Watto, ep 2 Yoda & ep 3 Anakin with the two lightsabers and Vader donning his semantical helmet. It not a big collection and has taken me years to get them. I’m getting off topic but when there’s a peice I’m interested in, whether I plan on buying it or not, I’ll go on YouTube and if there’s the slightest perquel jab I turn that video right off and move on to the next one. I also I have a bunch of Star Wars t-shirts, but I can’t bring myself to wear any of my OT shirts. I always wear PT shirts that’s it. I have no desire to wear the others. My favorite one is George Shot First. The one were he’s at the cantina with the camera. I like those numbers on the video your talking about, I won’t watch it, but Disney needs to step it up and see their are more of us out there then the bashers!!!

  7. Lauu Santos Says:

    Actually the Prequel meme thing only appear at 2200 h, of yesterday, and the video was released Wednesday night, if you want to give credit to someone, you need to give credit to yourself and everybody that had been working for this the last 17 years, thing have been changing since the last convention.

  8. joe Says:

    watch jojo now owes lucas and the cast and crew of the prequel trilogy an apology what follows is the second (and last i promise)list of those who owe lucas and company an apology the aforementioned watchmojo screen junkies cinemasins whatculture den of geek anthony daniels kathleen kennedy the rogue one writers disney film critics everyone who made mean-spirited remarks about the prequels jar jar abrams lawrence kasdan mark altman mayim bialik red letter media sci-fi magazine ign and io9 watch mojo already lost credibility when they named gravity falls as one of the ten worst disney cartoon shows (i don’t like some of disney’s actions regarding star wars but i can still love some of their other stuff and i did enjoy rogue one hope you don’t think i’m a hypocrite) sorry for the long post may the force be with you

  9. andywylde77 Says:

    I find it completely sad that some media clowns still feel the need to post anti-prequel videos in 2017. I have no plans on watching this video. It is nice to hear that some people are going against it and speaking their minds. But I am still shaking my head that a NEW anti-prequel video was made. That is just sad, sad and…SAD!

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