Battlefront II Gameplay Livestream To Feature Assault on Theed

Today EA announced that on June 10, game fans will be able to watch a live gameplay of the Assault on Theed from the upcoming Battlefront II.  Lucky fans can win a chance to be a player during this event too.

Prepare for the Assault on Theed! On June 10 at 12:30 PM PT, Darth Maul and other cross-era heroes enter the battlefield in a massive multiplayer livestream gameplay event you won’t want to miss. You might even become part of creating it.

At EA Play, you’ll be able to watch the first-ever live gameplay reveal of Star Wars ™ Battlefront ™ II, featuring livestream of 40-player gameplay set during the Assault on Theed – one of the new multiplayer battles from the prequel trilogy. Clone Troopers will mount a desperate defense against the invading forces of the Separatist Battle Droids. Can the Republic forces stop the relentless crawl of the massive Multi-Troop Transport as it lumbers toward the palace doors?

Going hands-on before the EA PLAY doors open will be a mix of your favorite Star Wars Battlefront II Game Changers, YouTube stars, Twitch streamers, and more. From JackFrags to Darkness429, we’re bringing some of the biggest names in gaming together to fight it out on the streets of Theed.



2 Responses to “Battlefront II Gameplay Livestream To Feature Assault on Theed”

  1. Captain Fordo Says:

    EA’s game is trash and disney didn’t help either by killing off the old EU.

    EA’s “battlefront 2” is nothing but propaganda shoving diversity.

    The original BF2 has a better story, more features, more maps, many more gamemodes, and more importantly an active modding community.

  2. Bayonne VeterinaryMedical Says:

    Battlefront II might better than the first.

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