Marvel Interview With Mace Windu Writer has an interview with the writer of the upcoming Mace Windu comics series, Matt Owens:

I see him foremost as a teacher and a leader. He is incredibly strong and wise and tries his best to lead others down the right path. Sometimes that does mean having to fight. There’s an interesting conflict in a man revered for his fighting skills who would rather not use them. Being a great warrior does not mean you have a love of combat, a lust for bloodshed. His lightsaber is the last weapon Mace would want to pick up. Similarly, he is a fiercely intelligent orator, yet despises politics. He is a man thrust into positions and situations he may not enjoy, but he does them because he just wants to do what is right.


2 Responses to “Marvel Interview With Mace Windu Writer”

  1. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    It’s refreshing to find someone who can view the character of Mace Windu without any form of unnecessary bashing or using him as the scapegoat of the Jedi Order.

    • joe Says:

      i heard awhile ago that snoke is not human according to pablo hidalgo i’m sure you heard theories that he was mace windu and now some people thought he was vader which is a relief him being vader would destroy the purpose of his arc in the first six films the same with mace that rumor also being shot too is a good thing

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