Where It All Started

For me anyway, nearly 40 years ago…the long-gone Valley Circle theater in San Diego:


I didn’t go opening day; I saw ANH in early June.  The lines were hellacious from day one, especially on the weekends.  They wrapped around the building and down the parking lot.  My mom and dad pulled my brother and me out of school figuring our chances were better on a weekday (no Fandango in 1977…you had to buy tickets that day at the box office).  We did get in but not before waiting hours in line out in the parking lot.  It was like a carnival:  hawkers selling buttons and stuff, a lady scouting for kids to cast in an unrelated commercial, moviegoers sitting in lawn chairs, and the McDonalds that used to be next door doing boffo business.  My dad even found a co-worker playing hooky in the same line.  Once we got inside, I remember seeing the lobby photos on the wall and going into a packed theater.  I’d been at the same theater before to see previous blockbusters like “King Kong” (1976) and “Futureworld,” but this time every seat was filled.  It was nuts!

That was the beginning of a life sentence without parole, heh heh.  Without which I would not be working on this site today.  So a happy 40th to ANH (and a happy 34th to ROTJ).



4 Responses to “Where It All Started”

  1. Jacobesico Says:

    I was introduced to Star Wars via the Special Editions. I can’t believe it’s been twenty years!

  2. joe Says:

    i have to confess it me a long time to watch the original trilogy i would watch most of the films when they were on syfy (back when it was sci-fi and still worth a damn ) and usa i did get a lot of merchandise but if i was going to become a full fledged star wars fan i had to watch the ot and this was a year before the phantom menace i watch the special edition of a new hope on wgn and empire and jedi on sci-fi (that was probably the last time the original versions of empire and jedi aired on television in the us at least) and the rest is history

  3. joe Says:

    should have said it took a long time i’ll be more careful next time sorry about that may the force be with you

  4. Kim Says:

    I saw “Star Wars” as an 8 year old in the summer of ’77. I don’t remember tons about that first viewing, just the opening shot and being enthralled until the end credits, and having to get the album to listen to the music over and over. But for the last 40 years, I have received so much enjoyment from Lucas’s epic, in good times and crappy times. Doing a Memorial Day weekend marathon of the saga (TPM to ROTJ) to celebrate and appreciate all these movies have meant to me.

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