Essay Looking Back At TPM

Julian at World of Peacecraft is posting 40th anniversary tributes to the various Star Wars films and here’s his tribute to TPM:

Speaking of Anakin, the young Chosen One is also one of my favorite elements of The Phantom Menace. Jake Lloyd was widely criticized for his performance, but I fail to see him being bad at all. (Gotta support my hometown! Seriously, I thought he was fine.) After I first saw the movie, I couldn’t quite believe the large contrast between Anakin and the relentless killing machine I knew he was destined to become. Anakin was another character I was quick to identify with; he is always quick to find some way to help his friends, even if that involves putting his life on the line. I’m in awe of those nerves of steel he shows while piloting even at a very young age, and at the time when I first saw The Phantom Menace, I shared Anakin’s fear of being separated from one’s guardian for a long period of time. After several viewings of the film, I do see some very subtle elements of darkness in the young Anakin, namely his expression during his scene with the Jedi Council. I think the movie does a very good job of establishing Anakin as a skilled pilot, great mechanic, and aspiring adventurer.


8 Responses to “Essay Looking Back At TPM”

  1. Pedro Felipe Says:

    There was a lot of work put into Jake Lloyd’s acting, he wasn’t bad, not even fine, he was aweasome!!! In fact, too aweasome for the haters, he acts like a 9 year old sweet boy and they never forgave, and they never forgot (even though they claim The Phantom Menace is “forgettable”) hahaha.

  2. Matthew Riggio Says:

    Jake was awesome! “I actually saved the pod…mostly.”

  3. Shak Ti Says:

    I’ve always liked the scowl he stairs at Mace with.

  4. Moose Says:

    For what is worth, Padme in her role as the Queen is my favorite non-Jedi character in the Saga. The confidence with which she delivers her lines is so memorable, her presence so all-encompassing. A depiction that is truly worthy of the goddess archetype.

    • Pedro Almeida Says:

      Yes, amazing!!! But not only that, we get to see the Padmé as Queen, Handmaiden and as a normal person, just genius.

  5. joe Says:

    i hope you don’t mind but i would like to write something related to today 40 years ago today a little sci-fi film opened in only 32 theaters many thought it was a silly little b-picture that would flop instead it changed films forever and a phenomenon was born it was a massive blockbuster that proved science-fiction was bankable at the box office it went on to spawn a ton of merchandise leading to video games comic books and novelizations theme park rides and led to a misbegotten holiday special two spin off films starring the ewoks 7 animated series five sequels two more spin off films an animated movie and of course three prequels that deserve love and respect not scorn and ridicule for they are part of the mythos legend and legacy that is star wars none of it would be possible without george lucas who also deserves love and respect not scorn and ridicule thank you george lucas and happy 40th anniversary to star wars and here’s to another 40 years and remember the force will be with you always.

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