For You Dungeons & Dragons Fans

Found on /r/prequelmemes….Anakin is every D&D alignment system rolled into one:


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3 Responses to “For You Dungeons & Dragons Fans”

  1. joe Says:


  2. Stefan Kraft Says:

    Took me a minute to get the joke – I tried to connect Anakin’s character as it is during the shown scenes to the D&D alignment. This does not work that well e.g. for lawful evil. 😉
    I also noticed some positive prequel gags on (I would however not be surprised if they are taken from /r/prequelmemes).

  3. Hoggle Says:


    Code Action Feelings
    Code Feelings Actions


    Feelings Actions Code
    Actions Feelings Code

    Thematic philosophical drama that is at the forefront of the PTs & background of the OTs from a certain pov. (most of the tragedies and successes in the movie narratives have quite strong connections to other inflections of this structure – take it or leave it).

    In this way GL’s execution of his narrative vision as related to the mythological analysis seems to have been completely fulfilled; despite other more immediate dramatic potentials in the work being more connotative than probably initially intended.

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