15 Years of AOTC: A Couple Of Things To Check Out

Okay, this first one is optional, heh heh. “10 Reasons Why AOTC Is Better Than You Think” is mostly positive but with the annoying laying down of cover fire. What makes it interesting is that it’s on Tor.com, sf publishers with a long LONG history of prequel bashing in its blog (basher John Scalzi is one of Tor’s “stars”). Of course the comment section is a dumpster fire.

A much better piece is this one listing 15 things she likes about AOTC.



10 Responses to “15 Years of AOTC: A Couple Of Things To Check Out”

  1. joe Says:

    enjoyed the second article and yes the costumes for episode 2 (as well as 3 and 4) should have been nominated for oscars

  2. joe Says:

    sorry should have said 1 and 3

  3. LadyJediScientist (@LJediScientist) Says:

    The second article was wonderful. The author admits there are other opinions out there, but she does not agree with them and she does not yield to them either. Wonderful read and we need more articles like it!

  4. Moose Says:

    I could not make it through the first article with all the qualifiers. The second one made me think that the dialogue is actually a strength of Lucas’ movies. By using old-timey/formal words, phrases and speaking patterns, he makes his dialogue timeless. To that end, I had a 20-year old tell me that it was disconcerting how the characters “talk like us” in TFA. I love when Luke tells his father at the end of ROTJ that “I’ll not leave you here, I’ve got to save you.” Imagine if he had said “I’m not gonna leave you here, I’m gonna save you.” Subtle difference, but it would taken away from the power of that timeless moment.

  5. Marshall Says:

    Actually the Tor article isn’t so bad – it’s just amazing why so many internet trolls have to rush in and obsessively “prove” these films are “bad”. If they were so bad why are we still talking about them? Bad movies are meant to be forgotten yet these potential heart attack victims are obsessed with hating them.

    • Pedro Felipe Says:

      Yes, and they still dare call them “forgettable” all the time. They LIE, they never forget them!!!

  6. fundhund Says:

    I´m not even sure about the second article with it´s customary claim of cringeworthy scenes, to be honest.
    And besides, I don´t think that Padme made a “questionable choice” at all. It was Anakin who made them later on, but speaking of Padme, there is little wrong with her wholehearted devotion to the man she loves.

  7. Princesselwen Says:

    I stopped going to Tor.com a good while ago because I didn’t like their tone.
    I Liked the second article’s praise of Jango and his fight scene, though. I always thought he was a cool character.

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